The Outer Worlds Patch Notes: Update 1.3 Finally Lets You Change Text Size

Here are the full 1.3 patch notes for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One versions of the game.


The Outer Worlds patch 1.3 will be available soon, and it'll bring with it some much-requested changes. The update, announced on the Obsidian forums, will finally let players increase the size of the text throughout most of the game's UI, an accessibility option that many games lack--and desperately need. You can check out the patch notes below.

Text size is one of the most common complaints about modern AAA games, but it's rarely fixed--updates like this, and the one Death Stranding received, tend to stand out. When the patch goes live, those who play the game on a screen that doesn't handle the text size well will be able to make adjustments for a more comfortable experience.

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The patch, which is due "later this week" (and is thus likely to arrive on or before March 6 or 7), includes a few other changes based on community feedback. Here are the features highlighted by the announcement.

UI Changes

  • Font Scaling (added a setting to adjust the size of text throughout most UI)
  • Ultrawide Support (loading screens & cinematics)
  • Improved Font Visibility (coloring)
  • Multi Quest Map Tracking (can see inactive quests on the map and select them)
  • New Reticle HUD Setting Option "Aiming Only" (ADS or Scoped)
  • Fixed the Chromatic Aberration Setting not Saving

Gameplay Changes

  • New Invert "X-Axis" Setting
  • Added Toggle for Sprinting
  • Improved the quality of item drops when killing Manti-Queens
  • Fixed the effects of Encumbrance not working correctly with the Confidence Perk

The Outer Worlds is coming to Switch too, but the port has been delayed due to the coronavirus. Even without a Switch version--and with the game being available on Xbox Game Pass--Obsidian's RPG has managed to sell two million copies. The game will expand with new story DLC later this year.

The Outer Wilds scored a 9/10 in GameSpot's review, with critic Edmond Tran praising the game's depth. "It's not a short game, but it's one packed with such a steady stream of wonderful characters to meet, interesting places to explore, and meaningful, multi-layered quests to solve, that it didn't feel like there was any room to get tired of it. I wanted to rewind the clock and do everything in a completely different way."

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