The Order: 1886 Review Roundup

What's the score with Ready at Dawn's debut PS4 game?

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Much of the discussion surrounding PlayStation 4 exclusive The Order: 1886 has been about its debatable duration, but how does the game actually play?

Ahead of its release on Friday February 20 across the US and Europe, reviewers have now weighed in on Ready At Dawn's debut PS4 project. See below for a roundup of review scores and editor opinions.

And for more regarding the critical reception to The Order: 1886, be sure to read GameSpot sister site Metacritic.

  • Game: The Order: 1886
  • Developer: Ready at Dawn
  • Platforms: PS4
  • Release Date: February 20
  • Price: $60

GameSpot -- 5/10

"It is, at best, perfectly playable, and lovely to look at and listen to. But it is also the face of mediocrity and missed opportunities. A bad game can make a case for itself. A boring one is harder to forgive." - Kevin VanOrd [Full review]

Polygon -- 5.5/10

"The Order doesn't offer much that other games aren't doing better. Galahad's story, such as it is, concludes so rapidly and with so few loose threads tied off, it's hard to shake the feeling that someone somewhere decided that it was time for the knight and his cohorts to get out into the world whether they were ready or not. Though it nails some of the fundamentals, The Order: 1886 has been released without answering the essential question of what it offers that other games aren't already doing better . Everything about the game's final shot screams 'sequel set up,' but unless The Order finds some non-aesthetic reasons to justify its existence, it's hard to imagine coming back for a second adventure." - Justin McElroy [Full review]

EGM -- 4.5/10

"The Order: 1886 is a paper-thin PS4 launch title delivered 15 months behind schedule. It's nowhere near as profound or innovative as it thinks it is--the epitome of all style and no substance." - Andrew Fitch [Full review]

No Caption Provided

Game Informer -- 7.75/10

"While The Order: 1886 is a fun adventure with lots of intriguing reveals about the nature of its world, it’s also clear that Ready At Dawn intends for this to be the first game of a grander story. Players should brace themselves for a lot of unresolved character arcs and unanswered questions. This is an origin story, but a fascinating one. 1886 goes against the current tide of open-world wandering and emergent sequences, and banks on the idea that players can enjoy a straightforward and relatively brief cinematic adventure – if it’s well told and original. I hope Ready At Dawn is right; I'd love to see what happens in 1887." - Matt Miller [Full review]

IGN -- 6.5/10

"The basic conflict at the heart of The Order: 1886 is that considerations for a cinematic approach are prioritized above the needs of basic gameplay. Its best aspects are its stunning looks, atmosphere, and style--which are truly fantastic--and entertaining fiction. But the shallow, slow, and generic quick-time event-riddled gameplay make it feel like an experience that would've been better served by a non-interactive movie than a game. With no multiplayer, and no reason to revisit the short and stunted single-player campaign once it’s been completed, there just isn't a lot to it." - Brandin Tyrrel [Full review]

Eurogamer (No Review Score)

"The Order: 1886 isn't a disaster, nor is it a particularly good game. It's a hollow diversion, entertaining but outmoded and caught somewhere between a medium it repeatedly fumbles and one it fails to effectively embrace." - Martin Robinson [Full review]

Videogamer -- 6/10

"The Order is a beautiful dud. Instead of building the core mechanics and then wrapping everything else around it, it appears Ready at Dawn made a movie and wondered how to put a game into it. By all accounts it still hasn't worked it out." Steven Burns [Full review]

PlayStation Universe -- 7.5/10

"Like Resistance: Fall of Man, The Order: 1886 comes early in a console lifecycle to set new visual benchmarks and give us creative, compelling fiction. As a game, it's significantly less ambitious." - Kyle Prahl [Full review]

Kotaku -- Should You Play This Game? "No"

"The Order: 1886 doesn't feel like the product of someone's grand vision; it feels like the tatters of that vision have been gathered, taped together, and presented as complete. The best I can say of it is that its premise is just novel enough to feel wasted. As I played, I kept wishing for some hint of inspiration, a dash of spirit to warm me against the chilly downpour of mediocrity. I found none." - Kirk Hamilton [Full review]

USGamer -- 3/5

"The Order: 1886 ends by leaving itself wide open for a sequel (The Order: 1887, one presumes), and I'm interested enough in the series' premise that I'll definitely give it a look. But I can only hope that inevitable sequel offers the sort of improvement we saw from Assassin's Creed to Assassin's Creed II. There's a decent game here, but it does little to set itself apart from those that clearly inspired it. Here's to the future, and to differentiation." Jeremy Parish [Full review]

DigitalSpy -- 3/5

"The Order: 1886 isn't easy to recommend, but it isn't impossible to endorse, and despite its familiarity, is a game we enjoyed our time with. Here's hoping The Order: 1887 pushes for greater." - Ian Dransfield [Full review]

Metro -- 4/10

"Ready at Dawn clearly object to the idea of interrupting their pretty graphics with something as trivial as gameplay, but despite their claims they don't seem to have any real interest in storytelling either. Perhaps their programmers should have taken their obvious talents to ILM or some other visual effects company, because they clearly have no appetite for interactive entertainment." - David Jenkins [Full review]

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Avatar image for Horndawgie

The Gamestop employee I saw last week said he would be getting it regardless because he's the biggest Sony fan ever and has to have everything made by Sony. His exact words. 20 years old. I had to shake my head and laugh. Why are fanboys such tools?

I love reading these comments from fantards not to listen to reviews and get this. 6.5 average on Meta after 74 pro reviews. user reviews are the last people to trust, trying to justify their purchase of a 400 dollar doorstop. It's more junk from Sony this gen.

Avatar image for jakesnakeel

<< LINK REMOVED >> It's odd that you care so much what someone else does.

Avatar image for scottw84

Would give it a 7/10 personally, bit short for the money but i've played worse games that were equally as expensive... that funnily enough got better scores from the above 'reviewers'

Avatar image for DarkJedi8_basic

I bought a PS4 15 months ago mostly because of this title and the potential it showed...I was a fool.

Granted, I "like" my PS4 and XB1 but, lets be honest, lets ALL be honest, this console generaion is just one big disappointment after another. Both systems could have used another year in the oven.

Avatar image for Keitha313

I think a 5.5 or 6 would be a fair rating for the game regardless but you have to take things into notice with it

  • Short story mode
  • No multiplayer
  • Price is too high for such a short game
Avatar image for fxzero

Did my own little round up
Let me know what you think.

Avatar image for couto_renato

It's unbelievable and unacceptable what these reviewers are doing with this game. It's certainly not a "game of the year" by any means but it certainly has great fittings in it and it's actually easier to leverage these things rather than being upset by any flaws in the game. This game deserved a "give it a try and you'll certainly have a lot to enjoy" but rather, the reviews are asking people to stay away from this game when they shouldn't. Ready at dawn should be praised by the attempt to do something unique even if it didn't come together as expected. #ThankAcreator

Avatar image for IntegralReaper

<< LINK REMOVED >> Why did this game deserve to be given a try? What was there ever to be excited about? All there was was loads of money put into advertising, gameplay trailers, and lots of games websites putting out articles about why we should all be excited about it.

There was NEVER anything to be excited about. There was only hype. And money. Money. Hype.

Avatar image for aftershave219

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> This game is actually pretty cool, I'm playing through it and enjoying it.

Avatar image for Rlon1050

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Same here. I would say it's not as good as I hoped but it's far from as bad as these reviews state. I was wanting a 9 game but got a 7 game.

Avatar image for fmileski

I said i would give tgis game a chance and i did..

The Order = Next Gen Dragon's Lair

Avatar image for mistermaster415

Its so sad. I was really exited when I first read the basics of the story for this game. I was really hoping it was going to be an epic story about the battle against evil. Apparently, I will need to wait a little longer for the next great story driven game. *sigh*

Avatar image for IntegralReaper

<< LINK REMOVED >> The only reason you were excited was because they paid money for you to be excited. If you're going to learn anything from this, you NEED to understand: they paid money money money so everyone would be hyped hyped hyped.

There was never anything exciting about this game. There was only money. Money. Money.

Avatar image for mistermaster415

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> I have to disagree with your last statement. I know money was involved to make the game look as cool as possible and spread it as far as possible, but that's not what made me excited. I was excited simply because I liked the basic story for the game. I loved the whole "secret society" thing. I was a little concerned when they showed the protagonists mostly shooting human enemies, but I was hoping most of the game would be spent fighting more unpredictable enemies like the werewolves. I was very disappointed that they did not expand the enemy base to include more supernatural types of enemies, and that is ultimately what made me pass on this game.

Avatar image for asiel_code_7

Still waiting for a game to make me want to buy a PS4....

Avatar image for luiske007

<< LINK REMOVED >> The Witcher 3 maybe xd

Avatar image for yixingtpot

Microsoft is losing, so it begins; and endless, shameless parade of corporate shill bribery and the resulting false review scores. Microsoft literally bribed this/these reviews, probably paying 10's if not 100's of millions of $$$ to hurt Sony PS4 sales. It's obvious when a game site posts other competition's scores to somehow vainly attempt to justify the shilldom.

Avatar image for PixelAddict

<< LINK REMOVED >> Right. That's why Ryse scored all 10's.

Your fanboy flag is showing. Silly.

Avatar image for doppelgaenger

No, I'm not going to lie to you. Just got done with the game in 8 hours, and it's pretty, but it's bad. In fact, I kinda wish I didn't buy it in the first place. I've wasted $65 including tax and it was highly disapointing. Their is like 4 hours of cutscenes that you cant skip (which is fine for the first playthrough) and like 3 hours of gameplay. I was able to take my time when I could play in actual gameplay but it was hard. The gameplay is good, but it has no life or soul. The ending made me angry because it didn't tie anything up, and it has zero replay value unless you want all of the trophies. But its not worth them in the first place. It's so boaring that I was lossing focus of the actual game itself. In fact, I'm about to go to gamestop and sell them the game back and get half of my money back. Never in my whole gaming life have I bought a game at midnight, woke up at like 6 am, amd beaten a new game in 8 hours. Sure I can beat Resident Evil in under three hours, but my first time playing the game it took me around 13 hours to beat it. Not only that but I've beat that game like four times now working on my 5th. The Order of 1886 is not worth $60, it should be $15.

Avatar image for campy70

<< LINK REMOVED >> seriously why buy? i rent and send back, only have bought Madden, Mordor and Inquisition for DLC and multiple playthroughs


Avatar image for Pacer8888

<< LINK REMOVED >> Finished in 8 hours, 4 hours of which were cutscenes and 3 hours of gameplay....where did the other hour go?

Avatar image for S0LIDUS311

Quick time events.

Avatar image for doppelgaenger

Pacer8888 I was roaming around the map, should have added that. I was trying to see if I could discover any easter eggs. Sorry, should have explained that. But that (what i said above) is also a rough guess, I didn't have a timer or anything while playing so again it is a rough guess.

P.S. to anyone that bought the game and wants to get rid of it, you can sell it to gamestop but not at full price (went their before my friend put in his offer, once I got his text I just walked out when the guy was talking to me. It was pretty funny lol) I ended up selling to one of my friends for $40. I did tell him what I thought of it, he did it any way. That will be your best way.

Avatar image for suicidesn0wman

<< LINK REMOVED >> Yeah, they used whatever money was left over from paying off LS to make sure Drive Club didn't work for the first month it was out as well! For Shame! I'm going to go post my own bad review for 1886 and send MS the bill! :D


Avatar image for phbz

By the way, excellent review on jimquisition.

"For what it’s worth, The Order: 1887 or whatever the sequel eventually calls itself does look like it’ll be awesome, judging by this interactive trailer." 6.5

Avatar image for souljay

the DO NOT ORDER 1886

Avatar image for PixelAddict

Aw hell. This makes me very, very sad. I was so, so looking forward to this one.

One dissenting critical voice, and I can call that a silly fanboy lashing out. But this many?


Avatar image for bsaa_chris

"Yet, it’s not just about the fidelity of the graphics, it’s about the intricate craftwork and design of these spaces. Fine details bring each character and location to life, taking you on an interesting visual journey as you explore the round table of the council chamber, eerie underground passageways, and the marvels of the airship Agamemnon. Some locations are even littered with props like brass pots or ceramic jars swinging and shattering in the midst of gunfights. Meanwhile, the melancholy, string-driven score anchors the mood, and is wisely implemented with the dread of some scenes amplified by the lack of any music whatsoever. There’s a solid sense of place, and we just wish that we could explore more of it.

In the end, The Order: 1886 is truly an exciting spectacle in a setting that we thoroughly enjoy, elevating our expectations for PlayStation 4 games to come. However, it’s held back by its limited scope and abbreviated plot. It may not have the most well-rounded strengths, but it’s a remarkable game nonetheless."

Written by Daniel Bloodworth at

Score: 8.2

Avatar image for Fabian85

<< LINK REMOVED >> Yeah well they gave driveclub a 8.6 also most ppl dont take them seriously.

Avatar image for setalopes

<< LINK REMOVED >> It seems GameTrailers reviewed only the trailer of the game to give this score

Avatar image for phbz

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Review scores at GT are just insane. They don't obey t any specific logic. Just watch/read the entire review and try to fit an 8.2 score in it.

Bloodworth also gave a 8.6 to Driveclub... at launch, so go figure.

Avatar image for Warlord_Irochi

Now, here I was wishing that this maybe could (at least) work as an example to all those graphic obsessed people. About that your game may look gorgeous in that system that is more powerful than others, but still be a mediocre piece of software in the end. But provably that would be wishing too much...

Avatar image for suicidesn0wman

<< LINK REMOVED >> A few of the regular die-hards have been rather tame as of late, however things will probably heat up once again as we get closer to Bloodborne's launch.

Avatar image for maghdie

Still wanna play this game sometime, maybe second hand, when there's a great sale or when its free on PSN. Not gonna pay full price for it but def a game would like to experience at some point.

Avatar image for OneStrong2

Guess I just saved $60.

Avatar image for bfcochran16

getting this game when a used copy for $10 on amazon is available...those reviews look terrible :P

Avatar image for zulwalks

You can always know that when a developer spends more time marketing the game as a cinematic masterpiece without showing much gameplay or even story that it would come up short on them. I always get angry at these types of developer because they just claim that they are making games the way games aren't made before. There's a reason why its not. You want to sell a movie then go ahead, but then again, from watching walkthroughs and the reviews, it can't even serve as a movie.
Knowing SCE though, there might be a sequel as long as Ready at Dawn show a significant improvement over this one.

Avatar image for Chaos_Dante_456

Maybe one day if it's free on PSN

Avatar image for Longini

Not a fan of Giant Bomb huh?

Avatar image for Cyberjin

<< LINK REMOVED >> they work for the same company

Avatar image for push88

Look at it this way; by the time they release the third game, there will be enough content to equal a full game with a fascinating story with plenty of gameplay. Looking forward to The Order Trilogy on PS4 for $59.99 on Amazon! Can't wait.

Avatar image for megakick

I hope the DLC is like a whole new The Order: 1886.

Avatar image for Warlord_Irochi

<< LINK REMOVED >> Well, it can hardly be shorter...

Avatar image for garthoknarfle

Ouch! lol