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The Order 1886 Goes Gold, With Preorder Bonuses Revealed

Alternate weapons and costumes on offer for those who buy the PS4 title early.

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The Order: 1886, a PlayStation 4-exclusive action title developed by the PSP specialists Ready At Dawn, has now finished production ahead of its February 20 release date.

Ready At Dawn announced the final milestone on its official Twitter page, closing out a production phase which began in January 2011.

As The Order 1886's creators prepare for printing, marketing, and distribution, publisher Sony has also announced bonus materials for those who preorder.

Those who buy the game ahead of release will be given The Knight's Arsenal DLC, a twin-set of costumes and weapons for protagonist Galahad. The alternate costumes can be seen below, while the weapons include an explosive Arsonist Rifle, along with an Arc Rifle Prototype, which is said to fire "devastating bolts of red electricity".

Meanwhile, those who preorder at GameStop will also receive the Knight's Endurance Pack, which includes Desert Khaki uniform, as well as an Endless Blackwater tonic - essentially a medkit tool.

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GameSpot's most recent hands-on preview of The Order 1886 suggested there were some reservations about how the game was progressing. Critic Mark Walton suggested that the visuals were, at least form his play session, the only defining characteristic.

"Certainly, I want there to be more to The Order: 1886 than what I've seen so far, because it really is a beautiful thing to behold," he wrote. "A lot of love has been poured into those visuals, let's just hope by the time it sees release the same can be said for the rest of it.".

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