The Order: 1886 Dev Ready at Dawn Revealing New Game Next Week

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The Order: 1886
God of War: Ghost of Sparta

Ready at Dawn, the independent studio behind games like The Order: 1886 and God of War: Ghosts of Sparta, will announce its GameStop-published game next week.

GameStop COO Tony Bartel said on an earnings call today, "Next week, we will be announcing our second game under development, with Ready at Dawn."

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He also reminded investors and analysts that GameStop makes money not only from sales of physical copies of this game, but also a portion of digital sales. Additionally, if there are to be collectibles and toys based on the title, GameStop will get a piece of that, too.

GameStop recently created a publishing program called GameTrust. Ready at Dawn's title will be the second title published under the banner; the first is Sunset Overdrive developer Insomniac Games' platformer Song of the Deep.

We'll have more details on Ready at Dawn's new game next week when it's announced.

GameTrust Initial Partners Include:

  • Insomniac Games: Song of the Deep
  • Frozenbyte: Unannounced
  • Ready at Dawn: Unannounced
  • Tequila Works: Unannounced

For more on GameStop's earnings report today, check out the stories below:

What are you hoping to see from Ready at Dawn's new game? Let us know in the comments below!

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Avatar image for ExoticCharm

That's the thing about these games that are actually just interactive movies. I can go to youtube and watch it for free without spending any money, and I'm not losing any of the experience in the process. If anything it was more enjoyable on youtube than playing it because I didn't have to deal with lame QTEs or horrible AI. If more games like The Order are what Ready at Dawn has in store for the future, then lets just say my wallet is ready. :)

Avatar image for jenovaschilld

REady at Dawn and Tony Bartel have burnt their bridges with gamers, only fools would preorder another game from them or listen to any of the hype that comes from that studio. I am glad they found a publisher who would touch them, but I would advise every gamer to wait for reviews or the marked down bin for their next title.

Avatar image for ziltoid

Well let's see if they can learn from their mistakes, The Order was mediocre at best when it came to gameplay.

Simple, easy and linear werewolf encounters who offered no challenge at all while most gunfights felt like a dull shooting galery. The game had really few interesting things going on.

Avatar image for Sun-Tzu-GE

I still think The Order 1886 has better graphics than Uncharted 4. The Order 1886 was a good game but Ready at Dawn didn't know that today's gamers are spoiled brats who only care about how many hours a game has. And apparently all gamers work at McDonalds and can't afford to spend $60 on a 6 to 8 hours experience, paycheck too small.

Avatar image for jenovaschilld

@Sun-Tzu-GE: hey if you want to pay $10 per hour of gameplay - more power to you. So stop bitching if other consumers desire a better experience and more quantity for their $. $60- that is 4+ months of World of Warcraft for me. That is pennies per $.

Avatar image for soarlozer

@Sun-Tzu-GE: Well the game was too short and the coolest part of the story was like what 25% of the fights with one of the lamest "boss" fight mechanics.

Go back and look at some of the things you could collect.

When other games have more compelling stories that are longer for the same price why would anyone in their mind over pay just for graphics and a cool backstory/lore/universe that doesn't get used properly?

Avatar image for bobafetthatesu

@Sun-Tzu-GE: As soon as minimum wage raises to $15 those McDonald's workers will finally be able to afford games but not before they immediately get replaced by less bitchy robots.

Avatar image for playstationzone

Just save it at E3 really sound to me Sony all about VR at conference.

Avatar image for bobafetthatesu

Unless it's an online multiplayer map pack like all the other "games" coming out now people will continue to hate it.

Avatar image for solidsolo

@bobafetthatesu: not true. if they completely re-vamp the Order and make a good sequel i'm all in

Avatar image for Keitha313

The fact they didn't add to their story with a free DLC content is utterly shocking.

Who cares what they announce they've got a lot of work to do to prove people wrong with their last 3 or 5 hour campaign with ZERO multiplayer absolute idiots.

Avatar image for Xristophoros

@Keitha313: yea, i was hoping for some story dlc... but it is up to the publisher (sony) in that case to give them the go ahead. i am pretty certain the sales (decent but not great... i think it passed 1m units) and overly negative (hateful) critical reception killed any chance of that happening.

Avatar image for cavindar

Yea an other new game on rails just what we need to wast are money.

Avatar image for xwinson

I hope they eventually get to make a sequel to The Order, they have all the assets created now so they can now concentrate on gameplay - generally the reason why sequels are better than their predecessors because they can polish what they had and concentrate on the campaign.

Avatar image for Dark_sageX

Cool another interactive movie lol.

Avatar image for Gomtor

The order was excellent, just WAY too short.

Avatar image for jenovaschilld

@Gomtor: Agree, it had alot of promise- and if you skipped all of the non-interactive moments - the gameplay would be less then 4hrs. It is like taking all of the ingredients of 2 delicious large pepperoni pizza and giving the consumer a pizza roll, not even a good pizza roll, one of those cheap Totinos papery tasting small pizza rolls.

Avatar image for nikolaculpa

I get that it sucked as far as playtime for the 60 dollar price, but as someone who payed 20 for it, The Order was a fantastic game. Loved every moment of it. Platinumed it, of course, but that wasn't difficult.
Hopefully their next game has more depth in the game itself, not just the story. haha

Avatar image for soarlozer

@nikolaculpa: The story was pretty bland, if it was any good I would have played it again (I do replays like I rewatch movies, linear games are mainly the only thing I will replay since I have limited game time). The universe has a lot of potential.

Avatar image for borgking1234

The game is Ready at dawn but finished playing until noon

Avatar image for danny324

I really hope it's another AAA game but not like The Order..

Avatar image for flames325

Why in the world would he want to release anymore trash like the Order?

Avatar image for deactivated-58183aaaa31d8

Let's hope they learn from past mistakes.

Avatar image for brn-dn

It's not a sequel to The Order, Sony owns that franchise.

Avatar image for sladakrobot

Must be a smaller game.
Looking forward to Insomniacs underwater games

Avatar image for Barighm

GameStop only games. How sad.

Avatar image for brn-dn

@Barighm: Why? They'll be available digitally and then they are physical exclusive to GameStop. The games would probably not even exist without GameStop.

Avatar image for goodgamesguy

The Order had a cool theme, great graphics and some good ideas but none of it was executed very well and it is definitely the worst high profile exclusive for the PS4. If they were to focus more on gameplay and give us more guns and cool steam punk gadgets plus wayyyy more interactions with the werewolves I think they could make a decent sequel.

Avatar image for soarlozer

@goodgamesguy: Yea a game with vampires and werewolves yet we spend most of it fighting the East India Trade company.

Avatar image for moonco

Correction - 1886 Dev Ready At Dawn Revealing New Interactive Movie Next Week

Avatar image for Fandango_Letho

I really liked the atmosphere and setting of The Order : 1886. I hope they'll have a chance to make a proper sequel with more gameplay.

Avatar image for patsfan365

The Order was severely underrated, and marred by poor PR leading up to release. It was a graphically beautiful game, with a great story, set in a rich alternate-history.The gameplay wasn't the best, but it was far from the worst. A bandwagon formed around hating this game before it even launched, so it was doomed from the start, but I really hope we get a sequel at some point.

Avatar image for soarlozer

@patsfan365: The story sucked. The atmosphere, setting, backstory, etc were all great.

I start off fighting lycans and dont get to fight another one because im fighting east india trade company for the rest of the game. Then i burn a warehouse full of vampire coffins that I had to fight the east india trade company to get to. Lycans will randomly pop up.

The story wasn't even complete, and I don't mean like setting up everything for dlc or a sequel.

Avatar image for cejay0813

@patsfan365: Sounds more like it was overrated. I own a PS4 and still never felt the need to purchase it. Once I saw it went the route of taking the control away from the gamer the majority of the game, I just couldn't justify the $60 purchase. I will grab it when it's $20 or less though

Avatar image for joshrmeyer

@cejay0813: I got it for $10 last Christmas on the PS store.

Avatar image for chaos-06

@patsfan365: If it had been released for much cheaper like a Telltale game, I think it would have been better received. But a 5 hour interactive movie for $60 is just asking for criticism.

Avatar image for Barighm

@patsfan365: "It was a graphically beautiful game, with a great story, set in a rich alternate-history.The gameplay wasn't the best"

To be fair, where video games are concerned, that's the part that mattered most. In that sense, the game was critiqued accurately.

Avatar image for BassMan

Will it be as blurry and cinematic as their last?

Avatar image for jomac3db1

Part 2 please

Avatar image for derceto

The rest of The Order: 1886.............?

Avatar image for louixiii

I'll pass. Give me The Order 1887 with more gameplay than 1886

Avatar image for dcoutten

@louixiii: But...have you even finished playing 1886? You still playing SF and now its Doom. And lets not forget All of Uncharted. I think they have time lol.

Avatar image for louixiii

@dcoutten: You know I haven't...but that only because it's not as fun as SF and DOOM to me. The Order forced me to move REALLY really slow. And that first wolf battle (with the 3 wolves attacking) felt cheap. I plan to finish it but with work, SF and DOOM...then the Uncharted Series...then MGSV...who knows lol

Avatar image for soarlozer

@louixiii: The good news its so short you could do it in like 2-4 sessions.

Avatar image for louixiii

@soarlozer: I know. It's just SFV released and consumed my world until Doom released

Avatar image for berserker66666

Their next game will be Chaos: 666.

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