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The Open World In Spider-Man 2 Features A Revamped Map And A New Activities System

Distinct progress and fast travel have also gotten a new lick of paint.


Spider-Man 2 showed off its new open world at the latest State of Play. Most of the game's open-world systems have been revamped, including maps, activities, fast travel, and district progress.

According to the new overview, the map has almost doubled in size with the new inclusion of Queens and Brooklyn. With the web wings, you can glide through the city in addition to web-swinging. New Spider-Man-centric locations include Peter Parker's old high school Midtown High and Miles' current educational home Brooklyn Visions Academy.

While you are out in the world, you can freely swap between Miles Morales and Peter Parker. As you explore, you can find in-world attention grabbers, like a flock of Kraven's bird bots or a mysterious, projected symbol. Both Spider-Men have AR tech in the lens of their masks, which means you can see pop-ups suspended above the environment. You can also take a look at the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man app to keep track of activities and to hear from the inhabitants of NYC. Some requests can be completed by either Spider-Man, others by only Peter or Miles.

The revamped District Progress unlocks new rewards and gates fast travel. As you play, you can unlock new abilities, new technologies, and new suits for both Spider-men. The game will feature over 65 suits including original designs as well as homages to the comics and films. You can also customize your suits using the Suit Style system.

Spider-Man 2 launches on October 20. The game will reportedly take up 98 GB of storage.

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