The Omnicase 2 Is A Unique USB-C Hub For Steam Deck And PC

The Omnicase 2 has already smashed its Kickstarter goal.


USB hubs are handy for when you're traveling, but JSAUX's new Omnicase 2 aims to be more than just a station that you can plug cables into. This all-in-one device features a cool design and comes with up to 12 ports. The Omnicase 2 just launched on Kickstarter and has already surpassed its modest goal.

On the Pro model, one side has USB-C 3.0, USB-A 3.0, and USB-A 2.0 ports, another side has HDMI and 3.5mm jack inputs, and a third side has space for DisplayPort and ethernet cables. Rounding out the selection of interfaces are two more slots in which you can plug in an SD card and a microSD card.

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There are early bird specials available now via the Omnicase 2's Kickstarter page, so you can grab either the standard (10 ports) or Pro model (12 ports) for less than what you'd pay when the USB-C hub launches. August 2023 is the expected delivery date for backers.

The rest of the case contains some handy space for storing your gadgets. Slide it open, and you've got space for your SD cards, an eject pin for your smartphone, and USB connectors. The standard version of the Omnicase will cost $100 at launch, and the Pro version will retail for $140.

JSAUX is also releasing specially designed laptop and Steam Deck stands. Each stand features a base for the Omnicase 2, and there are bundles on Kickstarter that come with the whole collection. Essentially, the Omnicase 2 paired with the Steam Deck stand functions as a docking station (with a lot more ports).

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