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The Often Overlooked RoboCop 2 Is Getting A 4K Blu-ray Release

Dead or alive, you're coming with me to watch a great RoboCop sequel.


RoboCop 2 might not be as highly regarded as the original Paul Verhoevern-directed classic, but there's no denying that the sequel is still a slick showcase of over-the-top '80s action and impressive practical effects, and you'll be able to see for yourself thanks to the new RoboCop 2 4K Blu-ray edition releasing later .

Plus, dead or alive, the RoboCop costume redesign was pretty cool.

Lastly, you can fill out your collection with a few more RoboCop films. The complete trilogy--including the terrible third installment--can be found on DVD and standard Blu-ray, and all three films in the original series have received collector's editions and director's cuts over the years. In case you're missing any of them, they're all on sale at Amazon and Walmart.

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