The Offspring Will Play A Show Inside A Very Popular Video Game

The Orange County rockers are headed to World of Tanks.


American rock band The Offspring will become the newest group to hold a concert inside of a video game. Wargaming has announced that the "Self Esteem" and "Pretty Fly For A White Guy" band will appear in World of Tanks from September 18 through October 7. Avatars based on the likenesses of the band members will perform on a virtual stage in the Garage, and you can bet they'll perform some of their most famous songs.

"Animation of the band members' avatars will be based on motion capture, which will be implemented in World of Tanks for the first time. Also, the tankers will be able to keep the rockers from The Offspring in the game's client for good," reads a line from Wargaming's announcement.

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"When the World of Tanks guys approached us with the idea of an in-game concert, we thought, 'Hell yeah, let's do it!,'" The Offspring singer Dexter Holland said in a statement. "Video games are cool but video games where you can blow stuff up are even cooler."

The Offspring's in-game performance in World of Tanks will see the group performing some of their most popular songs, including "Pretty Fly For A White Guy)," and "The Kids Aren't Alright."

The Offspring recently performed at the World of Tanks fan event Wargaming Fest: Tanker Day 2019, and you can see a dramatic image above that shows how many people turned up for the outdoor gig. The event itself, which was held in Minsk and also included gaming tournaments and more, attracted some 250,000 people from around the world, according to Wargaming.

The Offspring won't be the first band to perform inside of a video game. Earlier this year, Korn played a gig inside the MMO Adventure Quest 3D and Marshmello performed inside Fortnite.

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