The Office's Michael Scott In Mass Effect Is The Crossover You Never Knew You Needed

The fate of the galaxy just became a little more uncertain with Commander Scott in charge.


Mass Effect's Normandy can already be a bit of a dysfunctional workplace under Commander Shepard, but YouTuber eli_handle_b.wav has taken it further by imagining The Office's Michael Scott in charge of the ship.

The video sees Michael Scott navigating the attack on the Normandy, interviews with the press, intimate discussions with crew members, and the perfect "that's what she said" joke with his trademark lack of social grace. And yes, there's a dance scene too.

The most impressive part of eli_handle_b.wav's mashup video is the expert editing, with Scott slotted seamlessly into some of the Mass Effect series most iconic scenes. The video perfectly replicates the style of The Office, from the opening montage (now featuring a Reaper attack) right down to the handheld camera work.

eli_handle_b.wav's channel is a treasure trove of video game mashups, with previous videos featuring Shrek in Fallout 4, Tony Soprano in God of War, and Mr Bean in Cyberpunk 2077. Or you could go ahead and replay the Mass Effect series with a less competent Commander Shepard to kill some time while Bioware works on the next game in the series.

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