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The Office Spin-Off Star Domhnall Gleeson Asked Steve Carell For Advice

Steve Carell, the star of the American version of The Office, says that his successor, Domhnall Gleeson, contacted him about the new show.


Nearly 20 years ago, Steve Carell headlined the American version of The Office, and it's still arguably the project he's best known for. Earlier this year, Peacock officially ordered an Office follow-up series that will follow a brand new cast led by Domhnall Gleeson. And when Gleeson was still considering whether he should take on the role, he reached out to Carell himself.

Carell revealed that he spoke to Gleeson about the series earlier this week on The Tonight Show. The actor even joked that he and the entire original cast were returning before host Jimmy Fallon made him admit that he was joking. Immediately afterwards, Carell shared the story about his recent conversation with Gleeson.

"I know Domhnall Gleeson, who I did The Patient with, is going to be one of the leads," said Carell. "I know that for sure. And he's an excellent actor. He actually called me and asked, 'Should I do this? ... Did you enjoy it?' ... He's great."

Although the new show does take place in the continuity of Carell's incarnation of The Office, the actor has already ruled out making a return appearance as Michael Scott on the follow-up series. The only confirmed cast member other than Gleeson is Sabrina Impacciatore.

Peacock hasn't set a date for its Office follow-up series, or even given it an actual name yet.

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