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The Office: Dwight Actor Rainn Wilson Is Up For A Reboot

Rainn Wilson says he would "love" to return for a new version of the show, and he also shares one of his favorite scenes.


Plenty of popular TV shows have been rebooted in recent years, and The Office might be next. A new version of the show is reportedly in the planning stages, and now actor Rainn Wilson--who played the buffoon Dwight K. Schrute on the workplace comedy--has said he would be interested.

Speaking to Collider, Wilson said he would "love" to come back for a new version of The Office. In fact, he said he has already spoken with The Office's US creator Greg Daniels about the idea.

"Maybe someday we'll do something. It's funny, I hear things like, 'We can't do anything because we ended this show perfectly, and we don't wanna do anything else,'" Wilson said. "But then, someone will send some idea that's just preposterous and I don't know what to think. Hopefully, one day. The fans would really love it. That's the thing that counts the most. The fans would really love to see those characters again and have an experience with them."

While there are no official plans to reboot or revisit The Office yet, reports have suggested it will feature a new cast. As with other reboots, it seems possible that some of the legacy cast members could feature in cameo roles, but this is not confirmed.

The Office, which is adapted from the UK version created by Ricky Gervais, is leaving Netflix and coming to NBC's own streaming service Peacock in the US at the start of 2021.

Also in the interview, Wilson shared that one of his favorite scenes with Dwight was when he emotionally connected with Jim (John Krasinski) amidst his breakup with Angela (Angela Kinsey). You can watch the scene below.

"There's a moment when [Dwight is] really emotional and Jim gives him some words of kindness and empathy, and then he doesn't notice it but Jim has left," Wilson said. "He reaches out and Jim's not there and he looks around. To me, that moment perfectly encapsulated what we did on The Office. It's a Chekhovian, priceless little human misconnection that was really special."

Steve Carrell, who played Michael Scott on The Office, said in an interview that he thinks it's a bad idea to bring back The Office. Not only should the show not come back, but it also might not work if it has a similar tone, he said.

"The climate's different. I mean, the whole idea of that character, Michael Scott, so much of it was predicated on inappropriate behavior," he said.

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