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The Nintendo Switch Is Sold Out Everywhere, So Someone Built One From Scratch

Ain't nobody got time for that.


While the Nintendo Switch is also going through a major national shortage right now, it seems that one individual took matters into their own hands and built their very own Switch.

Recently, scalpers have taken to buying up all the Switches in stores and selling them for upwards of $600 each, almost 200% the retail price. In response to both the scalpers and difficulty in finding a Switch in-store, Reddit user Sarbaaz37 has not only built their own Switch out of parts, but has also written a complete guide on how you can too.

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The total cost for the build comes in just short of $200, not including assembly costs if you plan to try it yourself. As it turns out a Switch can be made with just 22 parts, all of which are fairly cheap, aside from the logic motherboard.

Of course not everyone has the technical skills to put together such a complicated mechanism, thankfully there are actually some places you can purchase a Switch for a reasonable amount. If you can’t make heads or tails out of this guide, then you are probably better off just buying one in-store.

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