The Nintendo Switch Has Sold Massive Numbers In Canada During 2020

The system has been the country's best-seller for 25 consecutive months.


At this point, it's well-documented that the Nintendo Switch has had an incredible year, with sales of the console up across 2020. Now, Nintendo of Canada has announced some sales milestones the Switch has achieved in the country this year, and they're very impressive.

So far, the system has sold 790,000 units through the end of November. In that last month alone, the system sold an incredible 148,000 units. In 2019, the Switch sold 628,000 units in total in the country. Canada has a total population of 37.5 million, and now a lot of them are Switch owners.

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These figures include the combined totals of the standard Switch and the portable-only Switch Lite.

Even with the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S launching, the Switch was the top-selling console for the month--and it has been the best-selling system in the Canada for 25 months straight now.

The Switch has also been the top-seller in the US, as well as in China. Nintendo's next quarterly earnings report isn't due until February 1, but the Switch is expected to comfortably exceed 70 million total sales by then.

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