The Next Terminator Movie Might Not Be Happening

He won't be back.


Hopes were high for the Terminator franchise when Terminator: Genisys hit theaters in 2015. Unfortunately, the movie's disappointing box office results meant that the planned sequel was postponed, and it has now been reported that Terminator 6 has been cancelled altogether.

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According to the New York Daily News, Paramount currently has no plans for another movie in the blockbuster sci-fi series. The site's sources state that the sequel has been removed entirely from the studio's development slate.

In January, it was rumored that a new film might be happening, with Deadpool director Tim Miller at the helm. Star Arnold Schwarzenegger has spoken about his hopes to return for another movie, while producer Dana Goldberg previously described the next Terminator sequel as "an active property."

Terminator: Genisys was originally intended to be the first part of a trilogy of new Terminator movies. Paramount had scheduled them for summer 2017 and 2018 releases respectively and was planning to shoot them back-to-back. However, they were removed from the release slate in late 2015. Genisys made $440 million at the worldwide box office, with a domestic take of only $90 million.

In any case, the rights to the entire franchise will revert back to original director James Cameron in 2019, giving the studio a very slim window to make another film. Paramount has not commented on the Daily News's story.

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