The Next Cloverfield Sequel's Release Date Changes Again

When will you finally see God Particle?


For those anxiously waiting to see the next film in the Cloverfield franchise, which is currently untitled, you're going to have to wait a bit longer. Though the film, which shot under the name God Particle and is one of GameSpot's most anticipated films of 2018, was supposed to hit theaters on February 2, that date has been changed.

The new release date, which was first reported by Slashfilm, is April 20. That's more than a year after the original expected release on February 24, 2017. However, it's believed that reshoots supervised by producer JJ Abrams caused the date to be shifted to October, then February 2018, before settling on the current date in April.

10 Cloverfield Lane
10 Cloverfield Lane

While the plot for the new film is unclear at this point, it's lined up a pretty impressive cast, including Daniel Bruhl, Elizabeth Debicki, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, and David Oyelowo. The original script for the film, before it was part of the Cloverfield universe was set on an international space station where an experimental particle accelerator makes the Earth disappear.

However, the film's screenwriter, Oren Uziel, tells Collider that rewrites were necessary to fit the movie into the Cloverfield franchise. "We rewrote during production, but I'm not sure what it means to be part of the expanded Cloverfield universe, other than knowing what kind of quality and feel you're gonna get from something that's coming out of Bad Robot and JJ," he says.

After the first Cloverfield movie premiered in 2008, audiences were stunned when a surprise trailer for a new installment--10 Cloverfield Lane--showed up in theaters. That film was met with positive reviews and over $100 million at the box office on a budget of only $15 million.

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