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The Next Chainsaw Man Volume Is Up For Preorder At Amazon

Rev up for a new paperback collection of Chainsaw Man stories with this preorder.


If you're an anime fan, there's a good chance you're also a Chainsaw Man fan. The hit manga series written and drawn by Tatsuki Fujimoto has been on a sales tear ever since it first began publishing a few years ago, and if you're looking to add a new chapter to your manga collection while you wait for new episodes from the anime adaptation to arrive, you're in luck. Volume 15 will officially be released on May 7, and preorders are open at Amazon. Usually $12, this new paperback collection of the manga chapters has been slightly discounted to $10.80.

Chainsaw Man Volume 15
Chainsaw Man Volume 15

The new volume covers the Hors D'oeuvre storyline in the Chainsaw Man Academy arc, chapters 123-133 of the manga, and follows Denji and Asa as they try to evade the Falling Devil and her plans to turn the duo into the main course for the residents of hell. Like previous chapters, Fujimoto's art looks fantastic and the story takes some wild turns along the way.

In case you're still looking to catch up on the Chainsaw Man manga, you can grab all 11 volumes of the Public Safety saga in this attractive box set. These graphic novels are packaged inside of a very cool box featuring art of the main trio of Denji, Power, and Aki, and it comes with an exclusive double-sided full-color poster. Normally $100, it has been discounted by 40% and is priced at $60 currently.

Alternatively, you can grab individual manga volumes for an afternoon read. These are normally $12, but Amazon is offering them at various discounted rates. Chainsaw Man isn't a manga series for the faint-hearted, as it focuses on Denji and his pet demon Pochita, small-time devil hunters forced to pay off an inherited debt by exterminating deadly demons. After being brutally murdered by the Zombie devil and its undead army, Denji fuses with the remains of Pochita and becomes Chainsaw Man, an incredibly powerful and dense devil who is quickly recruited by a government department to help keep humanity safe.

Chainsaw Man Public Safety arc

Chainsaw Man Academy arc

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