The New Xbox Headset Was Actually Revealed In October And No One Noticed

Microsoft actually showed off the headset months ago and we all missed it.


The new $99 Xbox headset that Microsoft announced this week was actually first revealed to the world back in October 2020--and seemingly no one noticed.

The Xbox Series X's Power Your Dreams launch trailer--which debuted on October 9--featured Get Out star Daniel Kaluuya wearing the headset. After Microsoft announced the new headset, a Twitter user noticed this and posted about it on social media. Microsoft responded, "We don't always hide things in plain sight... but when we do: it's awesome hardware."

Senior marketing manager Josh Munsee replied to the tweet as well with an Ace Ventura animated gif and a message for Xbox fans: "Always be looking."

This is not the first time this sort of thing has happened at Xbox. Months before the console was announced, the Xbox Series S system was visible in the background of Xbox boss Phil Spencer's home office. Additionally, Todd Howard's own home office was filled with Indiana Jones memorabilia, a fact that has more significance now that we know Bethesda is making an Indiana Jones game with Lucasfilm.

The new Xbox headset releases on March 16, but pre-orders are open now. Check out GameSpot's full coverage of the Xbox Wireless Headset to learn more.

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