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The New Trackmania Is Out Today, Here's Some Details On Its Complex Subscription Model

The new Trackmania--billed as a reimagining of Trackmania Nations--is out today, but some fans are having trouble understanding its three-tiered subscription model.


The newest entry in the Trackmania series is officially out today on PC at the Epic Games Store and the Ubisoft Store. The game was previously delayed due to the outbreak of coronavirus. As a remake of the highly-regarded free Trackmania Nations, fan interest is running high for this new game, titled simply Trackmania. However, some in the community are expressing concerns and confusion about its three-tiered subscription model.

As shown by the rather complex diagram below, the three tiers of the new Trackmania are Starter Access, Standard Access, and Club Access. Standard Access and Club Access are each a subscription of $10 and $30 a year respectively, while Starter Access is free. Essentially, Starter Access allows players to sample 25 of the game's pre-made tracks, while Standard Access unlocks daily competitions, the Track of the Day, player creation servers, and the track editor. Club Access grants players the ability to create their own custom servers, participate in online rooms, and compete in the official Trackmania leagues.

Given that previous Trackmania games revolved so heavily around user-created content, it would appear that the Club Access is key to enjoying the game to its fullest, especially if you plan on hosting your own server with your friends. However, if you're just trying to sample what Trackmania has to offer, both the Starter and Standard Access might help you get your bearings.

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