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The New PS5 Model Reportedly Has A Smaller Heatsink And Runs A Bit Hotter

According to a teardown video, the new PS5 model's lost weight stems from shrinking the size of the heatsink.


A recent teardown video posted by YouTuber Austin Evans of Sony's new model of the PlayStation 5 has revealed how the console has managed to shed two-thirds of a pound. The console's new version reportedly sports a smaller heatsink, which naturally leads to some slightly raised internal temperatures, but that's no reason for concern.

The console that Evans breaks down is a PS5 1100B, which consumers will see on store shelves (read: sold out on Amazon or Walmart) as the PS5 digital edition. This new version of the console weighs 7.8 lbs, whereas the original model came in around 8.4 lbs. Evans' video shows that nearly all that weight might have been cut from the console's heatsink.

In testing, Evans found that this smaller heating solution meant that the console would run a tad bit hotter. Examining the console's rear exhaust vents while it was running Astro's Playroom, he found an increase in temperature of four to five degrees Celsius, with the console hitting a high of 58 degrees Celsius.

Before anyone starts panicking over that increase in temperature though, there are some important things to note. First and foremost is that we don't know how hot this new edition of the PS5 can potentially run. Evans showed the console running Astro's Playroom, which, while it is a PS5 title, isn't extremely taxing. We've reached out to Sony for comments about its tolerance for PS5 temperatures but did not hear back at the time of writing.

Most importantly though, is that in the world of tech, these temperatures aren't anything surprising. In gaming computers, for instance, it's common to find CPUs that idle around 55 degrees Celsius and can jump much higher when running a demanding title. That being said, PC users can clean their various fans and cooling systems, something that might take a bit more effort and know-how to do for the PS5.

Outside of changes to the heatsink, the new PS5 model isn't all that different from the launch version. However, users will notice one huge quality-of-life improvement. Anyone that tries to attach the console's stand won't have to use a screwdriver anymore thanks to a simple screw replacement.

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