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The New Halloween Movie Had One Unbreakable Rule To Follow

Halloween spoilers ahead!

Now that a new Halloween movie is in theaters, fans are getting acquainted with the likes of Michael Myers and Laurie Strode once again. This time, though, the iconic characters are much older and--in Laurie's case--much wiser. Warning: The following contains spoilers for the new Halloween.

In the end, the film comes down once again to a bitter fight between Michael and Laurie. This time, however, the Strode matriarch isn't alone. She has her daughter and granddaughter help her dispatch of Michael once and for all--at least until the next Halloween movie inevitably arrives.

Of course, this means Laurie survives the new movie, unlike her fate in Halloween: Resurrection. According to producer Jason Blum, though, that's one piece of the story that was never in question, simply because the film's creative team wasn't allowed to kill Laurie.

"With [producer] Malek [Akkad, whose father produced every previous Halloween movie] you can't have that conversation," Blum admitted at the Halloween junket. "There was a discussion. We'd bleed."

When asked to clarify that in a follow-up interview, Blum told GameSpot, "There are certain things contractually with Trancas [International Films, the production company that owns the rights to Halloween]. Storytelling things that have been baked into the cake, I don't know what they are, I don't remember what they are. I think that's one of them, I think, I'm not sure. I think if I said that, then it is. There are certain contractual story guidelines that you have to follow with Trancas, who's one of the production companies on the movie and has been, as I'm sure you know, since the first movie."

Ironically enough, that rule is one that was news to John Carpenter, who co-wrote and directed the original Halloween. "Nobody ever tells me anything," he said at the junket. "I didn't know. Wow. Oh, wow."

Rest assured, unless someone changes their mind in the years to come, Laurie is safe. After all, last time they killed her, the franchise nearly died.

Halloween is in theaters.

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Chris E. Hayner

Chris E. Hayner sat second row at the Ninja Turtles' Coming Out Of Their Shells tour.
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Then youd have to ask whats the point of the movie and story if Laurie cant be killed and you know she'll never die... and Michael clearly never will either soooo the story will never conclude lol. Also correct me if Im wrong but Laurie would HAVE to die I mean old age has to happen at some point right? Michael may never kill her but Time would.