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The New Fortnite Update Adds A Hilarious Tribute To The Map

Memorializing Chappadoodle (????-2018).


The neverending onslaught of new Fortnite updates continues, with patch 5.10 now available. It's a notable one, with a new weapon, birthday challenges, and more included, but perhaps best of all are the variety of map changes that have been implemented--one of which is quite funny, though it requires you to know where to look.

To understand this tribute on the map, you need to be familiar with the plight of Chappadoodle. Recently, streamer Muselk published a video of an attempted rescue operation in Fortnite. He sees an All-Terrain Kart nearing the edge of the map and goes to investigate, only to discover a player--Chappadoodle--has fallen far off the edge of the map but somehow managed to survive. Assuming Chappadoodle has simply run out of building materials and is stuck, Muselk builds an elaborate series of stairs to get them out. But just as they are about to reach the trapped player, he finds himself unable to build further, seemingly due to a block in place at such a low elevation.

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Luckily, the aforementioned ATK was still hanging around up above, so Muselk retrieves it, intending to use its bouncy roof to let Chappadoodle reach the stairs. While attempting to bring the ATK down, it goes dangerously tumbling down the side of the cliff, but somehow manages to not fall off the map--only to mistakenly collide with Chappadoodle, sending them flying off the map to their death. And in a cruel twist, Muselk tests his theory of using the ATK's roof to reach the stairs, and sure enough, it works.

The official Fortnite account shared a clip of all this, as you'd expect any game developer to do with a funny video involving its game. Not content with simply doing that, Reddit user StoreBrandEnigma has found that Epic has actually memorialized the entire incident in-game. As of patch 5.10, if you visit the spot where Chappadoodle died, you'll find a tombstone. And nearby, where the ATK's roof was needed, you'll find a set of tires (which in Fortnite also send you flying into the air). You can see it in the screenshot below or watch video of it here.

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This isn't the first time Epic has acknowledged happenings in the community in-game. Maybe most famously, theories that Season 4's comet would destroy Tilted Towers led to Epic leaving signs from a doomsday party on the roof of one of Tilted's buildings.

The new tombstone appears to be just one of several small changes to the map unmentioned in the patch notes. Redditor ImmortalTechniquez found a skeet shooting setup, while Sqoof noticed that Risky Reels has been patched up.

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