The New Female Iron Man Will Go by a Different Name

Riri Williams has a heart of...iron?


Back in July it was reported that there will be a new Iron Man appearing in the comics. Riri Williams is a brilliant 15-year-old black girl who reverse engineered Tony Stark's Mark-41 Iron Man armor. Stark has visited the teenage genius and was impressed. While it's not clear what may cause Tony Stark to step down, Williams takes over the role of Iron Man in November's relaunched Invincible Iron Man #1.

It has just been revealed that despite the name of the series, Williams will not actually go by the name Iron Man. Writer Brian Michael Bendis spoke with Wired about her name and in the exclusive solicitation for the first issue on ComicVine, we now know she will go by the name Ironheart.

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Riri Williams will keep Chicago as her home base. She recently enrolled at MIT (at age 15) but dropped out when she determined there wasn't anything else there for her to learn. We'll have to wait and see just how involved Tony Stark remains. We still don't know how Williams can cover the costs of maintaining an expensive suit of armor, which happens to have a built-in A.I. based on Stark's personality.

In related news, there's a another Iron Man series debuting in October. Infamous Iron Man won't feature Stark as the main character, either. Additionally, Doctor Doom has recently been helping out Stark in the current Invincible Iron Man series. It appears Doom has good intentions, but it will be difficult for the other heroes in the Marvel Universe to accept his new quest as one of the good guys.

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Infamous Iron Man #1 is on sale October 19. Invincible Iron Man #1 is on sale November 9.

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