The New Dr. Strange Trailer Is Full of Time-Warping and Bending City Blocks

Remember that scene from Inception with the city folding in on itself? It's like that.


This year's Comic-Con has been full of news and reveals, and today's no exception. Marvel Studios has just released a new trailer for Dr. Strange, the upcoming superhero movie starring Benedict Cumberbatch. And it looks pretty awesome.

The video depicts the first time that Stephen Strange, the neurosurgeon, meets The Ancient One, the being that mentors him in the mystic arts and sets the stage for him to become the superhero. The trailer is action-packed and full of wacky cinematography that shows off the ways that the mystic arts let wielders warp time and space. You can also check out some screens from the trailer if you can't watch it here:

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The trailer seems like it's focusing on the ways in which Dr. Strange attempts to shape reality to fit his own needs, with the hero being warned not to succumb to the temptations of the power. The video also emphasizes how Dr. Strange doesn't have an innate ability to use these skills: he must practice and hone them.

Along with its TV show Legion that got its first trailer today, Marvel seems to be leaning more heavily into the weirder parts of its comic universe. Dr. Strange launches on November 4.

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