The New Death Stranding Trailer Is Hiding Clues and Red Herrings, Kojima Says

Like the debut trailer, the new video contains clues to be discovered.

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The new trailer for Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding that aired last night at The Game Awards was something of a mind-bender. We saw Pan's Labyrinth director Guillermo del Toro carrying a baby in an incubation chamber while hiding from a military power apparently run by a character played by Hannibal star Mads Mikkelsen. The whole thing was very strange.

Writing on Twitter today, Kojima said the trailer contains a lot of "hints" or "misleads," and encouraged fans to watch it over and over again to try to find more clues.

At one point in the Death Stranding trailer--watch it again here--the camera panned down to a different baby than the one del Toro's character was holding, drifting in a stream of water. The water glows red and the camera focuses in on another glowing red figure in the distance. Soldiers then emerge with the black, oil-like liquid seen in the debut Death Stranding trailer coming from their eyes.

Mikkelsen's character is revealed to be the leader of a military group; he is presumably the antagonist. He has unique powers, as when he removes his helmet, it dissolves by some means. He also has tentacle-like appendages that connect to the soldiers surrounding him. These detach when he sends them out on a hunt. Really, you should watch the trailer again to try to make sense of it all.

In another tweet, Kojima confirmed that the character played by The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus is who you'll play as in Death Stranding.

Death Stranding was announced at E3 2016 during Sony's briefing. The game is a console exclusive for PS4, but will also come to PC. The game remains very mysterious, and we have lots of questions. Don't expect Death Stranding to come out soon, however, as Kojima says it's still early days.

In other news, del Toro recently lashed out at Konami, the publisher of the canceled Silent Hill game he was working on with Kojima. In a blunt statement on Twitter, del Toro said, "F**k Konami," going on to call the publisher's decision to cancel the game "moronic."

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