The Most Popular Steam MMO Isn't Final Fantasy or Elder Scrolls

The free-to-play Korean MMO grew quickly since it launched on Steam earlier this month.

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The most popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game on Steam in terms of concurrent players isn't Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, Eve Online, or The Elder Scrolls Online. It's Tera, which is even more impressive considering the fact it only launched on Steam May 5.

According to data from, Tera developer En Masse Entertainment said that the MMO had more concurrent players than its competitors since it launched, with an all-time peak of 18,454 concurrent players. By comparison, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm has an all-time peak of 7,401 players, EVE Online has an all-peak of 3,690, and The Elder Scrolls Online has an all-time peak of 5,067.

However, keep in mind that these numbers are counting Steam players only, not the total number of players in each game, who don't necessarily use Steam to log in.

Overall, new and returning players pushed the total number of Tera accounts to over 4.5 million in North America and 20 million worldwide.

You can check out more impressive figures about the game in the infographic below, like how many Gabe Newells you could buy if you had a dollar for every gold someone looted since Tera launched on Steam.

Tera first launched in 2012, and received a good review of 7.5/10 from GameSpot. For more on the game, check out GameSpot's previous Tera coverage.

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