The Miz Talks Money In The Bank Match With Shane McMahon

"Shane is going to be stuck in a cage with me, and that is it."


The grudge match between Miz and Shane McMahon, which we originally thought escalated at Wrestlemania, continues at Money in the Bank on Sunday, May 19. This time around, the two will meet in a steel cage, so the continuing trend of McMahon messing with Miz's father at ringside, may be off the table.

However, a recent stipulation from the May 14 episode of Smackdown may have changed things up. McMahon stated during the Tuesday night program that if the Miz interferes in the final match of the evening, their match was off. And, of course, the Miz interfered. However, the match is still listed as happening, so we do not know at this point as to whether or not that will come into play at the PPV.

McMahon has also been surrounding himself by other WWE superstars as protection, almost like a Mean Street Posse 2.0. From Elias to Eric Young to Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel, The Miz always has an army of superstars to get through in order to get to McMahon, but will this factor into the match? "They are more like the B Street Posse," Miz told GameSpot while promoting his reality show Miz And Mrs. on the USA Network. "So, with a steel cage match, hopefully I will be able to contain everything inside the steel cage. That's the idea of a steel cage. To make sure that nobody can get in, and basically only one guy gets out."

One constant in the war between the two men is Miz's father who has been at ringside for many moments and harassed and assaulted by McMahon. At this time, Miz isn't sure if his father will be there to cheer him on. "I haven't figured that out yet, actually," explained Miz. "I know Shane put out a tweet saying, 'I got your dad a front row seat.' I don't know if I want my dad there. The reason why I wanted a steel cage is because I didn't want Shane to have to run from me. I watched what he does to Roman Reigns, puts him in situations where he's got three or four people that he has to fight off. Shane is going to be stuck in a cage with me, and that is it. And if you watched our match at Wrestlemania, you saw what I did there. Just wait to see what I do at Money in the Bank in the steel cage."

Find out if Miz can come out on top on Sunday, May 19 at Money in the Bank, which GameSpot will cover and review live. Maryse and Miz's reality show, Miz And Mrs airs on Tuesdays at 10 PM ET on the USA Network. Season 1's mid-season finale airs on May 21.

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