The Men of Icewind Dale

Nine more character portraits from Icewind Dale.


Icewind Dale

You've seen nine of the lovely ladies of Icewind Dale, now see nine of the macho men from the upcoming RPG. Included in these shots are a half-naked barbarian, a dwarven fighter, a mysterious mage, a intimidating warrior, and more.

The full complement of second edition AD&D character classes are available in the game: fighters, paladins, rangers, clerics, bards, rogues, mages, druids, specialist mages, and multi-classed characters. You can choose to play elves, dwarves, gnomes, halflings, humans, and half-elves. Unlike previous Black Isle RPGs, in Icewind Dale you will roll up your entire party at the beginning of the game, rather than creating a single player and then recruiting various NPCs.

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