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Find out which characters from the movie will appear, and get hints on which characters are lurking in the wings.


Following the events of the third and final movie in the trilogy, The Matrix Revolutions, the Matrix Online is an online role-playing game that will allow you to play as a red pill, a human being aware of the fact that the Matrix is an elaborate illusion designed to keep humanity docile and enslaved. While you will play alongside thousands of other red pills in this virtual online world, you will also encounter some familiar faces. To get the lowdown on which movie characters will make the leap to the game (as well as which characters that could be lurking in the wings), we're pleased to present this preview of the characters of The Matrix Online.

Neo: Neo saved everything. He saved the Matrix from the omnivorous virus that was Agent Smith. He saved Zion from the army of Sentinels. And the price Neo paid seems to be his life: his body, carried away on a floating barge like the corpse of a Viking warrior king, has never been delivered to human hands. Some think he still lives. Others think that his mind somehow endures in canyons of silicon and rivers of nanocircuits. And others believe that reincarnation in a new form has occurred. For many, the spirit of Neo can never die.

Trinity: Impaled on tendrils of living metal, Trinity was beyond even Neo's power to save. He had to leave her. But she was born in a pod and still had functioning sockets for jacking in. She died among scuttling machines that conceivably might have had jacks that fit them. And after the heart stops, the brain takes minutes to die...

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Morpheus: Morpheus defied skepticism, failure, capture, and torture to pursue his fanatical belief: there was, somewhere, the One who could liberate humankind. And it was up to Morpheus to find, train, and unleash him. For once, a fanatic was right. No man could know deeper affirmation or a greater emptiness after that struggle. An obsessive personality robbed of its object cannot endure long. Morpheus fixes on a new purpose, and the things he is impelled to do in the Matrix disturb some deadly opponents.

Locke: Locke did his duty, with little thanks, and has only the consolation that his defense of Zion bought time for Neo's saving gambit--something he never could have believed until it happened. Now he must rebuild Zion's defenses during an uneasy peace he knows cannot endure. His fraught relationship with Niobe endures, but there are parts of her he'll never know and places he cannot follow. Lock is freeborn, lacking a way to jack into the Matrix. He can only know Niobe's journeys there as recounted dreams or as streaming green code.

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Niobe: Niobe has a fearlessness that imbues her with charisma. She is fated to be a leader in the postwar Matrix under the new rules. However, rules are often tested and broken, and people are killed in the process. A woman like Niobe cannot let that pass.

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Link and Zee: These two at last can enjoy each other without the forced separations demanded by Morpheus' quest. But Link is still an ace operator, with unmatched abilities at reading and responding to Matrix code. The call for his skills is inevitable.

The Kid: The Kid has the distinction of being the only person ever to self-transmigrate from the Matrix, bolstered by his fervent faith in Neo, with whom he communicated via his computer in The Animatrix. Later, he served with distinction in the Battle of the Dock, taking over the fallen Mifune's APU. He's one who can't believe Neo is really gone. His conviction that Neo is still among the humans, somehow, in the Matrix, is one of religious intensity. It makes him disdainful of those who advocate taking the blue pill, returning disencumbered by memories of the war to the long Matrix dream. Who do they think they are, throwing away Neo's gift?

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The Oracle: The Oracle survives, somehow, as a program living like a strange godling in the Matrix. Her willingness to be overwritten by Smith seems to have been part of a plan. Perhaps she left a "trap door" in Smith, allowing Neo to cancel him out in the battle in the rain. The two combatants were counterparts--both remainders from the equations that weave the fabric of the Matrix. But no definitive explanation is at hand. In the resetting of the Matrix, she is present again, an ally to Morpheus and other humans, hoping to keep the peace. But she knows peace is as evanescent as unsaved data in a power surge.

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The Merovingian: This program has embraced existence in the Matrix and its sensory illusions with a connoisseur's delight. Good food, good wine, and not-so-good women all receive his enthusiastic attention, despite their virtual nature. Since he himself is nothing but code, troubling existential issues do not mar his enjoyment. He has power. Other programs, slated for deletion, seek refuge in the Matrix. These "exiles" must deal with the Merovingian, and so owe him obligations he is not reluctant to call in. Many work for him. He detests Morpheus, who has gotten the better of him repeatedly.

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Persephone: Merovingian's wife. She's a program and an exile as well. Her sensual attractions may have been tied to her original function; bodies in the pods had to reproduce somehow, and perhaps she prompted certain necessary physiological events. She is preoccupied with love in all its dimensions. Small wonder the Merovingian had to possess her, even if he has a wide-ranging appetite.

The Twins: Dreadlocked albino killers with the ability to become immaterial, the Twins were last seen being engulfed by an explosion on the freeway in The Matrix Reloaded. Only the very observant noted whether they were solid, and hence subject to the physical laws in the Matrix, or whether they were ghostly at the time. They have not been seen since.

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Sati: The little Indian girl is an exile, now under the care of the Oracle and her longtime protector, Seraph. She creates sunsets in the Matrix once a week, in honor of Neo, which have a beauty that is almost holy.

Tyndall: A freeborn, doomed to forever be a stranger to the Matrix. She sees the Zion warriors she sends to that shadowy realm as heroic figures, to be encouraged, and even loved. You may be one of her heroes. She is as fragile as the term from which her name comes: the "Tyndall flower," the negative space left in an ice crystal's center as it is slowly melted by sunlight.

The Architect: The program that created the Matrix and its six failed iterations before its present form. As omniscient as he may seem, Neo surprised him by interrupting the purging-and-restarting cycle that every previous Matrix had been subject to. As much as any program, he is the official face of the machine civilization that depends on the Matrix for its power. He has given his word that blue pills can be awakened, but knows that if taken to extremes, the practice would cause a system crash. He looks to the future, as do we all, with wonder and with uncertainty.

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