The Matrix 4 And The Batman May Be Delayed Due To Coronavirus

Two major Hollywood blockbusters could be facing delays due to the global health pandemic.


With the world in self-isolation, many projects have been put on hold due to health concerns. This includes major movies like The Matrix 4 and The Batman. This pandemic has hit all corners of the industry, with many studios closing down and stopping production indefinitely. This has left many movies and TV shows in limbo, with no one knowing just when the cameras can resume rolling once more.

According to Variety, most studios have contacted their talent and representatives to inform them that at this point it won’t be until mid-May at the earliest that production will resume. This is a step back from the initial goal of beginning in April. The new goal of May is only temporary though, with experts expecting the pandemic to hit its climax in the US throughout April.

Studios won’t be able to return to work until the government gives the green light, with gatherings of more than 10 people needing to be permitted, before anything can be done. Any studio that needs to film overseas will have a harder time, as the logistics of moving a crew and cast overseas at this point will be challenging for some time.

Actors are having to having to reshuffle their availability, with projects being suspended and pushed back; scheduling conflicts are beginning to form. Studios are scrambling to scoop up anyone they can to fit in these spots, with celebrities prioritizing starring roles over supporting roles in projects.

Skype interviews are beginning to surface, with Mad Max: Fury Foad Furisoa spin-off director George Miller scouring the internet for his next cast.

Some films that were well underway, like The Matrix 4 and The Batman, might just be able to make their original release dates, depending on how quickly all the post-production work can be completed from isolation, as well as if all the filming was completed in time. How these will be viewed is another question altogether, with cinemas all over the world closed as part of the lockdown. Screenings of movies like No Time To Die, A Quiet Place 2, and F9 were all suspended after brief run time in cinemas.

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