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The Marvel Tabletop RPG Is Super Cheap Right Now

Save on the official Marvel Multiverse RPG's rulebooks, including the upcoming X-Men expansion.


The Marvel superhero universe spans movies, comics, video games, and more, with each iteration featuring its own interpretations of iconic heroes like Spider-Man and Captain America, or storylines like Secret Invasion and Infinity War offering an endless trove of Marvel content to enjoy. But for fans who dream of creating their own heroes and storylines, there's the official Marvel Multiverse tabletop RPG. The game first launched in 2023 to positive reception from critics and fans, and will soon get its first big expansion, Marvel Multiverse: X-Men, in just a few weeks. If you're curious to try the superhero tabletop RPG for yourself, you can grab several Marvel Multiverse rulebooks and supplemental material for nearly 50% off at Amazon right now.

Marvel Multiverse Core Rulebook
Marvel Multiverse Core Rulebook

Marvel Multiverse RPG Deals

The deals include the Marvel Multiverse Core Rulebook, which is down to just $32.40 (normally $60). The rulebook includes full details on how to play, covering everything from creating your characters and designing your own campaigns, plus all the information about the many powers and abilities your heroes can use. The book also includes stat tables for many of Marvel's most popular heroes and villains so you include them in your storylines. Rather than being a simple reskin of the popular d6 ruleset, Marvel Multiverse is built on Marvel's own d616 tabletop system.

Other than supplying your own set of three six-sided dice, the Core Rulebook is really the only thing you need to play Marvel Multiverse. However, if you want to follow a playable storyline written by the game's creators, you can grab the Marvel Multiverse: The Cataclysm of Kang for $29.60 (was $50). This book features six linked adventures where players start as level 1 street-level heroes and work their way up to cosmic-level superhumans.

Those two books are the main Marvel Multiverse materials out there for now, but you can also preorder the upcoming X-Men expansion at Amazon as well. It's currently discounted to $36 (normally $50). The Marvel Multiverse: X-Men expansion will launch on August 6, and add tons of gameplay options like new traits and powers, as well as profiles on various X-Men characters, plus helpful story materials for building your own campaigns.

Lastly, for anyone who want to play with official Marvel Multiverse dice instead of a generic set, you can grab the Marvel Multiverse Heroic Dice Set for $19. The set includes 12 dice with unique numbering and colors associated with the game's rules.

Once you pick up the Marvel Multiverse RPG and start your adventures, you should check out some of the free supplemental materials and errata Marvel offers for the game, including pre-made character sheets for X-Men '97 characters. More Marvel Multiverse expansions and campaigns are also planned, including an upcoming Spider-Man expansion.

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