The Mandalorian Season Finale: Don't Turn It Off When The Credits Start To Roll

Once those credits start rolling, don't exit the episode, and here's why... completely spoiler-free.


The Mandalorian Season 2 came to an end this week, with a shocking revelation about where the series will be heading at the start of Season 3, along with the appearance of a familiar face. But when the story comes to its conclusion, wait a minute before running to Twitter to yell about the season finale.

There are no spoilers about the season finale of The Mandalorian. You're cool to keep reading. Even the video below just features moments from Season 1, so we got you covered.

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Much like almost every Marvel movie, when the credits start rolling, don't exit the episode. There is a post-credit scene you'll want to check out that has a connection to what's coming down the line for Star Wars and Disney+.

From 41:33-43:49, a post-credit scene pops up that's probably one of the coolest things so far for the Mandalorian show. If you want to learn exactly what happens there, and you don't mind spoilers or need some clarification, check out our breakdown of the post-credit scene.

And while we won't be going into detail here about what's happening, you can check out some of the Easter eggs and references from the season finale to see if you caught them all.

When it comes to the future of Star Wars, it's looking pretty bright for new content. During Disney Investor Day, the House of Mouse announced two movies, six live-action shows, and three animated series. As for The Mandalorian, there is more coming, as creator Jon Favreau revealed Season 3 will begin shooting once Pedro Pascal finishes shooting a wacky movie with Nicolas Cage called The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent.

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