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The Magnificent Seven Expected to Top US Box Office in First Weekend

The animated film Storks is projected to follow The Magnificent Seven with $20 million this weekend.


The Magnificent Seven is in theaters now, and Variety reports that early projections pinpoint the movie at a $32-34 million opening weekend at the US box office. Coming in at $34 million would make it the second-highest opening for a live-action western, behind Cowboys & Aliens which earned $36.4 million in its opening weekend.

On Thursday, The Magnificent Seven took in $1.75 million in previews, and it's projected to make $12 million on Friday. The action-western film will unseat last weekend's box office winner Sully, which pulled in almost $22 million.

The Antoine Fuqua-directed movie stars Denzel Washington (Man on Fire), Chris Pratt (Guardians of the Galaxy), and Ethan Hawke (Training Day), among others. The movie follows seven gunslingers as they defend a small town from a mining tycoon and his cronies, who intend on taking control of the town by force.

The Magnificent Seven opens the same weekend as animated film Storks, which is targeting an $18-20 million opening weekend. Storks features the vocal talents of Andy Samberg (Brooklyn Nine-Nine), Katie Crown (Bob's Burgers), Kelsey Grammer (Frasier), Keegan-Michael Key (Keanu), Jordan Peele (Keanu), Jennifer Aniston (Friends), Ty Burrell (Modern Family), and Danny Trejo (Machete).

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GameSpot critic Randolph Ramsay reviewed The Magnificent Seven and said, "It's certainly fun and cheer-worthy as the honorable good guys stand against the deeds of evil men. And its dedication to the well-trodden path makes it enjoyable, but not necessarily memorable. The Magnificent Seven is a bubblegum western in the best way possible, and it's about time we had another one of those mosey into town."

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