The Longest Journey: Static First Look

The Norwegian developer unveiled its upcoming adventure sequel in a brief trailer at E3 2003.


We were able to catch a glimpse of a brief trailer for The Longest Journey: Static, the upcoming sequel to GameSpot PC's Adventure Game of the Year for 2000. The trailer consisted mainly of vague text descriptions with concept art drawings, though it did suggest that the sequel will pick up after the original game left off. The game will feature a new protagonist--a young woman who, according to the trailer, will be tasked with rescuing April Ryan (the heroine of the original game). The trailer also suggested that you'll "face new enemies," and then it cut to a drawing of an imposing-looking man wearing an ornate suit of armor while brandishing a sword on horseback.

Unfortunately, the trailer for The Longest Journey: Static revealed relatively little, and no release date for the game has been announced. However, GameSpot will bring you updates on the adventure sequel as soon as possible.

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