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The Long-Broken Matchmaking For Another Xbox 360 Game Has Suddenly Been Fixed, It Seems

Several Xbox 360 CoD games are now playable online again, too.


Shadowrun, an online first-person shooter that originally launched for Xbox 360 in 2007, is now playable online again thanks to what seems like a matchmaking fix from Microsoft. Dedicated servers were shut down years ago, making it near-impossible to play the game online. Users previously had to rely on peer-to-peer networking to play with others.

Now, standard matchmaking is seemingly running again. This comes by way of a ResetEra thread from user wwm0nkey (as relayed by VGC), who said the Shadowrun matchmaking stopped working altogether after Microsoft seemingly fixed the servers for older Call of Duty games on Xbox 360 last week. The user believes that whatever Microsoft did to fix those older Call of Duty games somehow completely broke the matchmaking for Shadowrun.

However, the user said they reached out to Microsoft, and shortly thereafter, Shadowrun was not only fixed, but running better than ever. "It actually works better than it has ever worked in the history of the game being up," the ResetEra user said. They went on to explain that before the servers went down, it would take around 30 seconds to find a match, whereas now, it takes only three seconds.

It's unclear why--and if--Microsoft has fixed these older Xbox 360 games. The company has yet to make a statement about the supposed matchmaking fixes across these older titles.

Shadowrun was an online-only Xbox 360 game developed by FASA Interactive and published by Microsoft. It's currently playable on Xbox Series X|S via backward compatibility and is also playable on PC.

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