The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time Demo Leak Reveals New Secrets About Nintendo Classic

Fairy prison breaks and more were revealed through newly found demo data.


A demo build for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time has turned up alongside an old N64 demo cartridge which housed Nintendo racer F-Zero X. Though the demo was partially saved over, some of it was intact enough to reveal new details about the Nintendo classic.

Details about the demo and its existence were shared by Forest of Illusion, a site dedicated to preserving Nintendo's history. There were several surprises found in the demo data, including several magical spell medallions that were supposed to grant Link different abilities to help with his journey.

One of these medallions, the Soul Medallion, allowed Link to turn into Navi and fly around as the fairy. Others would have allowed our hero to shoot fire arrow-like projectiles, cloak himself in darkness to escape enemies, and to both create and extinguish fire.

Other changes found in the demo were a more simplified version of Kakariko Village, a different Hyrulian world map, Link's Pegasus Boots making their return, and the ability to ride Epona in an early version of the archery test.

Fans have also been translating text found in the game and have implied that Ocarina of Time may have had a pretty different plot than what we got. For instance, the Deku Tree was originally going to be a prison for Navi and other fairies that Link was going to break them out of.

For more details on what can be found within the demo data, check out this thread. But be warned, fans who have checked out these files have stated that the ROM is only partially complete, since it was saved over with the F-Zero files. The demo was likely never supposed to be viewed by the public, so historians are lucky to have what details they were able to salvage.

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