The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Preview - New Features

Nintendo reveals some more new features that have been added to this beloved classic on the 3DS.


By now we know that the upcoming The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D is a remake of one of the most memorable Zelda games and that it has been given a visual makeover. In our last preview, we went over the controls, the lack of StreetPass functionality, and how it looks in 3D (which is very lovely, especially cutscenes). Now you're probably wondering what Nintendo did add in that's new, so from our latest visit, this is what we have to share with you.


Master Quest: For those who are looking for a challenge and want to play through the adventure again, Master Quest is included in this version of Ocarina of Time, and it will be available as soon as you've completed the game. It functions as a separate game, so you'll have access to three more save slots as well. The enemies are harder, and you'll take twice as much damage when you get hit. To throw you off even more, the entire game is mirrored, including Link's sword arm. It might not seem like a big deal, but have you ever tried a Mario Kart track mirrored?

Boss Challenge Mode: Here's a mode where you can brag to all your friends about how quickly you defeated a particular boss. Each boss unlocks after you've defeated it in-game (nine are included), and you'll be able to fight them again in this mode for the best time. Once you've defeated all the bosses at least once in Boss Challenge mode, you'll gain access to Boss Gauntlet, which is a chance for you to fight all nine bosses consecutively in one sitting.

Sheikah Stones: While these gossip stones are usually found all over the place, there are some new ones to look for--one by your house and several others scattered throughout Hyrule. They are special in that they give you access to "visions." You can think of them as hint stones if you find yourself stuck in a particular dungeon or area in the game. The visions are brief snippets of key locations and actions, and they might give you just enough info for that "aha!" moment. It's not a walkthrough by any means, and you can't even see these visions unless you've already explored that area. You might see Link jump over spikes in a room and then the camera switches to him pulling a key out of a chest. Another vision could be from a unique angle that could trigger something you might have missed. For veterans, these hints are meant to jog your memory, not necessarily give you all the answers. You can access any vision from any stone, as long as you've explored that area, and they're found only in the main game, not in Master Quest.

The Water Temple is less tedious now that you can switch boots on the fly.
The Water Temple is less tedious now that you can switch boots on the fly.

Water Temple: During our demo, not only did we get a chance to wander around Jabu-Jabu's Belly to check out the new interior decor, but we were also able to spend some time in the Water Temple. Considered one of the least favorite dungeons in the game, it's tedious at best because you're dealing with water levels that rise up and down, as well as jumping in and out of menus to get your iron boots on. The biggest change here is the menu system, which is now on the touch screen where you can map shortcuts for special items like the iron boots. That way, you can just tap to switch instead of having to rummage through your inventory each time you need to change shoes. Having the touch screen also clears out the interface, so you have more freedom and visibility as you're wandering around.

By now you're probably itching to play the game again or for the very first time, as we are too. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D is set to be released on June 19.

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