The Legend of Zelda Monopoly Has Items Exclusive to GameStop Edition

Hyrule Castle is prime real estate in The Legend of Zelda Monopoly.

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USAopoly, which creates special-themed versions of Monopoly under license from Hasbro, will release a Legend Zelda-themed version of the board game on September 15, according to a listing on GameStop’s website.

The Legend of Zelda Monopoly plays just like the regular game, only with Hyrule real estate, items, tokens, and rupees for currency. For example, the game’s original prime properties, Boardwalk and Park Place, are appropriately replaced with the Temple of Time and Hyrule Castle. The railroads are replaced with modes of transportation from different Zelda games like Link’s horse Epona, his boat in Wind Waker, or the Spirit Train from Spirit Tracks.

Houses are replaced with Deku Sprouts, Hotels with Deku Trees, and the tokens that represent the different players are pieces of Link’s equipment: The Bow, Hookshot, Boomerang, Triforce, and Hylian Shield. Another token, the Ocarina of Time, is exclusive to the the GameStop edition of the board game.

Six Item Power Cards and a 11x17-inch Hyrule map lithograph are also exclusive to the GameStop edition.

USAopoly previously released a Nintendo Collector’s Edition version of Monopoly.

The Legend of Zelda Monopoly costs $39.99. You can find more details about the game and pre-order it on GameStop’s online store.

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