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The Legend of Zelda Master Sword Replica Preorders Quickly Sold Out At Amazon

It's dangerous to go alone, so you might want to consider taking this replica of the iconic Master Sword from The Legend of Zelda with you on your travels!


The Legend of Zelda fans can soon add a premium replica of Link's signature weapon to their display shelf. Well, if they can find it in stock. The Master Sword Proplica preorders are currently sold out at Amazon, GameStop, and Entertainment Earth. We'll update this article if and when stock is replenished or more retailers begin taking orders. This fancy Master Sword prop doesn't just look great, it should sound pretty cool as well, courtesy of a few electronic touches. The Master Sword Proplica releases later this year.

Tamashii Nations Master Sword replica
Tamashii Nations Master Sword replica

Out of the box, you're getting a life-sized replica of the sword--it has a total length of approximately 41.3 inches--from Tamashii Nations and Bandai Namco and it's made from a high-quality ABS material. You'll still want to be careful when using it as there is some degree of sharpness to the blade. The colors on this prop are quite nice though, and feature rich silver, purple, and gold metallic layers.

The other cool feature on this is that it can blast some sword-swinging sound effects, as well as several songs from The Legend of Zelda series. When you're not admiring it in your hands, you can proudly display it at home on its included stand.

Alternatively, there are some other nice display and cosplay options available for sale. If you don't feel like dropping $200 on the Master Sword, there's a more affordable $25 version available. This one isn't as detailed--or as sharp--as the one above, but you'll probably have an easier time getting into a convention with it and you won't lose sleep about it going through several baggage handlers during your flight.

And what good is a sword without a shield? The officially licensed Hylian shield replica is just $20, and while it won't stop a Bokoblin attack, it at least looks the part if you're aiming to complete your outfit. For something more relaxing, we've also included a few Legend of Zelda building kits for those rainy days when you want to engage your brain, and some cool clothing to don when doing so.

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