The Leaked PS5 Godfall Gameplay Is Actually The Year-Old PC Version

The Godfall footage is actually showing the PC version.


Footage of the PlayStation 5 game Godfall recently surfaced online, and now the studio and the publisher behind the project have clarified exactly what we're looking at. And it's not the game running on PS5, as previously believed, although a new look at the game is coming "soon."

Developer Counterplay Games said in a tweet that the gameplay video making the rounds is actually old footage of the game captured on PC and meant for an internal presentation. The studio said it's psyched that people are excited about the dated footage, and the studio is eager to show fans what the game looks like in its newer state at some point in the future.

Borderlands studio Gearbox is publishing Godfall. Its CEO, Randy Pitchford, released a statement as well that echoes what Counterplay said. You can find both statements below.

Godfall, a fantasy action-RPG, is scheduled to launch in Holiday 2020 for PlayStation 5 and PC.

We may see more of Godfall in an official capacity when Sony officially debuts the PlayStation 5, which could happen sometime soon. We know for certain where it won't happen, though-- Sony has announced it will be skipping E3 2020, in an arguably smart and savvy move.

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