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The Latest Wordle-Like Is A Dungeon Crawler

Guess a five-character dungeon in this new take on the Wordle-like genre.


Wordle has been the first surprise hit of 2022, a simple, fully-unmonetized word game that has taken social media by storm. Like other crazes, Wordle has inspired a host of other Wordle-like games, some uninspired cash-grabs, and others more creative takes on the format.

New game Dungleon fits into the latter category, providing an entirely word and letter-free version of Wordle that's inspired by classic dungeon crawlers, as picked up by Polygon. In lieu of letters, Dungleon has players pick from 20 mini sprites representing heroes, monsters, and loot.

Plenty of elements have been retained from the original Wordle formula--when selected, the sprites go green for being placed in the right spot, yellow for being present in the dungeon but in the wrong spot, and red if they're fully absent. Players will also have just six guesses to figure out the dungeon configuration, and will be able to share their results to social media in a grid of emojis. Dungleon can also only be played once a day, providing a countdown to when the next puzzle will drop.

Dungleon adds its own unique takes on the format, though. In lieu of having existing dictionary words to guess from, Dungleon has a set of secret rules that players will be able to figure out if they play across multiple days. The most straightforward of these is that each dungeon has at least one hero and one monster. The others require players to look for patterns, with one rule stating that "some pieces only appear along with other pieces" and the last saying "some pieces only appear in a specific spot."

The game was put together by Brazilian developers Felipe Dal Molin and Bruno Ruchiga, with art by French pixel artist Clément Dussol. Like Wordle it's available in-browser and is both free to play and ad free, and very worth bookmarking if you need another Wordle-like game to scratch that itch.

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