The Last Word: October 9-13

Gamers line up for Wii and PS3 preorders as Clover's luck runs out, Bully stands up to Jack Thompson, and the first details of the new E3 emerge.


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Before Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace came out in theaters, fans terrified of waiting in line only to be turned away on opening night camped out months early to wait in line to buy advance tickets that would then let them wait in line again when the movie released. That phenomenon was mirrored in the gaming world this week as retailer GameStop opened up preorders for the Wii and PlayStation 3 at its retail GameStop and EB Games locations.

Both preorder campaigns were announced the day before reservations opened up--the PS3 preorders happening Tuesday and the Wii ones on Friday--and both saw gamers camped out in advance for a spot in line on launch day. Even though gamers were putting down $50 reservations for the Wii and $100 for the PS3, nobody was guaranteed a system on launch day. Online auctions for the PS3--expected to be the scarcer of the two systems after launch thanks to a US allocation of only 400,000 units--were averaging $1,500 a pop following the beginning of GameStop's preorder campaign.

While gamers around the country looked forward to those next-generation systems, one of the more beloved developers of the current generation had its fate sealed this week. Capcom on Thursday announced that it was closing the doors on Clover Studio, the developer of critically acclaimed titles like Viewtiful Joe and Okami. While the news came as a surprise to most, it turned out that some of the studio's bigger names had already left to pursue other opportunities months earlier.

Also this week, Florida lawyer Jack Thompson once again had Take-Two in court, this time asking a judge to stop the release of the publisher's upcoming game, Bully. After reviewing the game behind closed doors on Thursday, the judge ruled that there was nothing in the game markedly worse than what could be seen on TV each night. He added that while he wouldn't let his own children play it, there was no reason to prevent Take-Two from releasing the game.

Finally, the Entertainment Software Association revealed a few more details about the new-look Electronic Entertainment Expo. For 2007, the convention will be moving from downtown Los Angeles to nearby Santa Monica, and it will be held a little later in the year than usual, from July 11 to 13. A significantly smaller venue will house the event, as E3 will take place in the 40,000-square-foot Barker Hangar, a far cry from the 720,000-square-feet of exhibit-hall space found at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Bookings for the event, now officially named the E3 Business and Media Summit, are expected to begin within the next 30 days.

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When they say you aren't guaranteed a system on launch day, that doesn't mean that they don't have to give you one if they have them. That just means that they can't guarantee you that they will recieve X number of systems. They might have been told they will get 6 but maybe something happens with production or something and they only get 5. That means 1 person is going to be left without a system. That is just their way for covering their own ass. Sony has already came down in number since they first stated how many there were going to have ready (1 million down to 400,000), who is to say another mishap can't happen. If they have the systems on launch day then you will get them, if they don't get enough for what they presold then you won't. Same for Nintendo, something could happen there also and they could not get the number of Wii they were told they would.

Avatar image for OPOLO

Yet another one falls - farewell Clover

Avatar image for PaperLink64
PaperLink64's sad to see Clover go.

Avatar image for chopperlink

I can't belive that clover studios is closing up. I LOVE VIEWTIFUL JOE!!! I can believe that!!!

Avatar image for helluvagood

krazy preorder chaos!

Avatar image for PixyMisao

Actually I was in line for the Wii at my local Gamestop, and 13 of us were in fact guaranteed a system on launch day with our $50 down reservation.

Avatar image for wild_world_girl

jr0904: "It's about time someone stand up to that ediot thompson before he run the gaming world to the ground.Thank god for that judge." Yeah, I'm glad for the common sense, but this was no miracle or "really cool judge." Any attempt by a court to stifle a form of media in it's distribution or sale is a form of state censorship and will not be tolerated by the higher courts. Even if the judge had found in favor of Thompson, it never would have made it through the appeals process. A good rule of thumb for the courts system is that the more local and low-power the circuit - the more they focous on the immediate issue before them as described in the complainant's/defandant's documentation. The higher the court, the more concerned they are with precedent and constitutionality. Part of the reason why these fail at the lower level so quickly and often is that they judge at the lower level is not usually willing to go to the trouble to make a ruling that will simply be overturned shortly after by a higher court. First and foremost, it is a waste of time and money. Second - it is a public reminder of their lack of authority and is embarrassing to have rulings swiftly overturned by more powerful courts. Non-judiciary branches of government have been less and less tolerant of this lately because not only is it a waste of direct court costs, but since the state/county etc. loses the case, they are also responsible for paying the legal fees incurred by the defense. It is a pure, unadulterated waste of money.

Avatar image for jmac777

Jack Thompson...needs to stop dissing games and being a hypocrit... He attacks games with "immoral" content..when he was fined and sued for making sexual advances to females and making Sexist comments... I see a double standard dont you//?

Avatar image for jr0904

It's about time someone stand up to that ediot thompson before he run the gaming world to the ground.Thank god for that judge.

Avatar image for wild_world_girl

Phazevariance: "I heard E-bay has a deal with Sony, and any ads for the PS3 console from the USA will get pulled. For those of you auctioning off your Pre-order, consider it bought in full by yourself! HAHAHA " 1.) Someone sounds bitter. 2.) No way that is true. Got a source for that "info" other than the standard message board "I heard..."

Avatar image for Phazevariance

I heard E-bay has a deal with Sony, and any ads for the PS3 console from the USA will get pulled. For those of you auctioning off your Pre-order, consider it bought in full by yourself! HAHAHA

Avatar image for gbrading

Ahh, yet another great show guys! And Brendan's back! Hope he's cheered up next week. Without doubt, the most entertaining and informative show on Gamespot!

Avatar image for fluffebunnie

Sad news about Clover... Can't wait for the PS3! Let's do this already.

Avatar image for Phazevariance

5 weeks and counting... Wiiiiiiiiii

Avatar image for Nintendus

Next, i see not that much news interesting with the exception of Wii and PS3.

Avatar image for DiscGuru101

Funny show! - (The good news about Clover I heard was most of the people who worked there got transfered? Bad news is, inovative games dont sell well in the US. Its a crying shame too, Okami is big time.)

Avatar image for legs1986

I normally like to have very civilized conversations and discussions; however, this is necessary, suck it Thompson :D

Avatar image for Jo-El_Kung

I can't decide between a Wii and a PS3. It's not like I'm getting them on launch day, though. I'll wait for a few months and see which is better.

Avatar image for damstr

Thompson is a tard.

Avatar image for SnakeVenom3000

When Will Jack Thompson realize he is fighting a losing battle?

Avatar image for cfamgcn


Avatar image for risi37

great show

Avatar image for demoralizer

I wonder if certain giant enemy crab had any thing to do with E3 down size?

Avatar image for princeofgames90

The stupid jack Thompson trying to stop the game I support Take-two

Avatar image for Geek12

hehehe Sorry Jack Tomp. Looks like maby you should target somone else, TV and stop bugging us gamers.

Avatar image for Carrie

Torganic Chemistry made me snort Gatorade.

Avatar image for tubbablubba

Im gonna pick out of a hat for which console I get. Because I honestly have no idea

Avatar image for ewjim

Old news.............

Avatar image for Legostarwars2


Avatar image for Alik

actually fox you may very well be right and that would be quite sad. But if polls in Japan are accurate I think Wii will sweep in japan,. I think sony will probably only win here in the states. I think a lot of that may be due to the fact we have more casuals than in Japan. I think the Wii and PS3 will mirror how the handhelds went this time around

Avatar image for StupidFox

"Most of the people that want a PS3 dont know a thing about it" Exactly. The reason we have such a hard time predicting the outcomes of the industry is that people don't know crap about the systems that they're buying. Sony may very well "win" this battle of the next-gen war with name-recognition alone.

Avatar image for oxymoron1331

One thing that needs to be mentioned is the Splinter Cell Double Agent demo for multiplayer went on live this week. If you haven't gotten it yet you should.

Avatar image for Alik

so wow a quick mention of how the wii pre orders sold out but, but now story on gamespot but now story exclusively dealing with it like they did for PS3. What a surprise. PS3 is gonna be mainly for casual gamers i mean at least 50% of the customers I told about ps3's price were shocked when i said $600 for the price tag. Most of the people that want a PS3 dont know a thing about it

Avatar image for Squids-Ahoy

Poor Jack, I hope a dagger falls into his eye.

Avatar image for phSychO_AtDawn

How many Gears of War games have been reserved? And Wii's?

Avatar image for comthitnuong

e3s gonna be wierd now a days...

Avatar image for Dr_Corndog

The Wii preorder was easily the biggest event of the week for me.

Avatar image for kriptonzz

Jack Thompson getting owned is more than enough for me

Avatar image for _Sam_

a lot happened this week

Avatar image for cardiac_cat

whatever, cant wait for my ps3

Avatar image for Phylyn5151

Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Jack Thompson FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Avatar image for Kaintae1134

Yeah man, Clover Studio was cool. Oh well. Bigger and better things. Still cant wait for the Wii though...

Avatar image for Mattnostic

The Last Word just keeps getting better and better! Too bad about Clover Studio. Okami was an epic adventure, and I'm glad to have played it in PS2's twilight years.

Avatar image for Alcotamaysees

Get well soon Brendan.

Avatar image for LordAndrew

It was a fairly nasty week.

Avatar image for spninrad

Tooooooooooooooooooooooooooorrrrrrr Riiiiiiiiiiiideeeeeeeeeerrrrrr!!!

Avatar image for anderson600

RIIIDGE RAAAACEEEERRRRR!!!!!! LOL!! I totally ROLFMAO(literally) when that Kaz Hirai pic appeared. Too bad about the sized down E3 though. I just hope that i'll still get updates i used to get before when this "E3" happens.

Avatar image for Yodax007

i actually played that freddi fish game when i was little

Avatar image for metdevthegamer

I'm glad Jacko lost his case. He goes through all of this trouble to ban a game that would seem fairly tame compared to GTA, only to lose in the end miserably; that put a smile on my face. The angry letter to the judge just makes him look worse.

Avatar image for GrimBee

Cant wait for homercam!! (tm).. lol Its going to be great, hope he goes real nuts on ..well, everything! Go Homer Go Homer Go! The last word is going to have it's work cut out over the next couple of weeks though as the rumours and the news are going to come in (as usual) for the pre-christmas month of mayhem. Im looking forward to some sweet GOOD news, not news like 8 ps3s etc for $100 a piece (JUST for the privilage of having to wait for your order to come in!) Nintendo are doing great this time, i think.

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