The Last Word: May 10-14

Project Natal ship dates, EA's controversial Online Pass, Skate 3 reviews, Little Big Planet 2 previews, and a video retrospective of the Tron and Halo phenomenon are all on tap this week.


Alan Wake
Dead Space 2
Skate 3

Electronic Arts charging buyers of used EA Sports games $10 to play online? A Saudi Microsoft executive revealing Project Natal ships in October? A nostalgic video retrospective at Tron and Halo? A new review of Skate 3? A first look at Little Big Planet 2? Yeah, that all happened on GameSpot this week. That and news about Sony's rough financial year, a first look at Epic Games' Bulletstorm, a video interview with Dead Space 2's design lead, and much, much more.

Media Molecule is back in the sack with Little Big Planet 2.
Media Molecule is back in the sack with Little Big Planet 2.


The month of May marches on and so does Video Game History Month. Several new video features stroll down memory lane with the Sega Saturn, Tron, Halo, and Peter Molyneux, as does a new article about some of the great (and not-so-wonderful) mascots of the past.

Video Game History Month: Forgotten Mascots
Video Game History Month: Sega Saturn
Video Game History Month: Peter Molyneux
Video Game History Month: Halo
Video Game History Month: Tron


Shippin' Out May 9-15: Skate 3, Lost Planet 2
Phoenix Wright facing WiiWare Trials and Tribulations
Big in Japan May 3-9: Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2, MGS: Peace Walker

Earningspalooza May 2010 continued this week, with the Sony division that includes gaming--and VAIO computers--posting an $890 million annual loss. Electronic Arts also saw a massive 12-month shortfall of $677 million, even though four of its games sold 4 million units, and one--FIFA Soccer 10--topped 10 million. The publisher also became a lighting rod of criticism for its introduction of Online Pass, which will require buyers of used EA Sports games to pay $10 to play them online.

Konami and Sega Sammy posted annual profits this week, which saw a decidedly less sunny NPD report. Last month saw the US game market contract by a whopping 26 percent, far below analysts' estimates. The most popular game of the month was Ubisoft's Splinter Cell: Conviction, and the Wii and DS topped the hardware charts yet again.

Last but not least, a loose-lipped Microsoft executive revealed on national Saudi Arabian television that Project Natal will ship in October. US reps declined to comment on the date, making it appear that the "announcement" was not part of Microsoft's planned publicity push for the Xbox 360's motion-sensing system. Oops.

Sega Sammy posts profits, Bayonetta platinum
Awful April game sales baffle analysts
Activision registers sci-fi Call of Duty domains
Splinter Cell: Conviction tops weak April sales
2nd Modern Warfare 2 DLC hits XBL June 3
Konami profits up 22.4%, takeover defenses renewed
Sony game division loses $890 million, PS3 sales hit 35.7 million
Electronic Arts shares slump nearly 6%
Mac Steam opens up with free Portal
Dead Space 2 reconfirmed for PC
EA reveals new Fight Night, Online Pass requirement for Madden, EA MMA
Call of Duty: Black Ops coming to Wii - Report
EA's full-year loss hits $677 million, FIFA 10 sells 10 million
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 sells 5 million
Project Natal ships in October
EA's Online Pass required to play Tiger Woods 11 online
Sony hit with two more Linux-lockout lawsuits
Little Big Planet 2 due winter 2010, original sells 3 million
Microsoft paid $75 million to stop GTAIV PS3 exclusivity?
Raven answering Call of Duty?
Xbox 360 going 3D? (Answer: sort of)

Previews kicked off this week with Monday's look at Little Big Planet 2, a title that promises to let players create entire games in genres ranging from platforming to role playing. Elsewhere, there were hands-on impressions of Toy Story 3, first looks at EA's Dead Space 2 and Epic Games' Bulletstorm, updated impressions of Crysis 2 and Medal of Honor, and an exclusive preview of online fight camps in UFC Undisputed 2010 from THQ and developer Yuke's.

Little Big Planet 2 Hands-On
Toy Story 3 Hands-On Impressions
Dead Space 2 First Look
Bulletstorm First Look
Crysis 2 Impressions
Medal of Honor Updated Impressions
UFC Undisputed 2010: Spotlight on Fight Camps

Reviews for all of this week's big releases--which include Lost Planet 2, 3D Dot Game Heroes, Skate 3, and Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3--are up on the site now. Because a couple of them were posted early, the reviews team has spent much of this week knuckling down on games that are going to be in stores later this month. Split/Second, Red Dead Redemption, Prince of Persia, Super Mario Galaxy 2, ModNation Racers, UFC 2010 Undisputed...the list goes on, as does the review team, who will be spending the weekend lassoing bandits and pummeling opponents. Look for reviews of all of those games and more in the next couple of weeks.

Skate 3 Review
Trauma Team Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3 Review
Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West Review

GameSpot Live served up some fresh new episodes of Today on the Spot with games like Trauma Team, Dead Space 2 and Bulletstorm. Reviewer Justin Calvert ramped up with rundown of Skate 3, and 360 fans got their first taste of Remedy's long, long, long-awaited frightfest Alan Wake in the latest episode of Now Playing.

Today On The Spot--Dead Space 2, Bulletstorm
Today on the Spot - Trauma Team, Toy Story 3
Bulletstorm Official Trailer Dead Space 2 Interview: Steve Papoutsis Skate 3 Video Review
Now Playing: Alan Wake

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