The Last Starfighter Sequel Gets Update And Sizzle Reel From Star Wars Writer

Fans of the 1984 movie are slowly inching forward to seeing The Last Starfighters become a reality, as writer Gary Whitta gives an update.


Writer Gary Whitta is very close to achieving one of his dreams: making a sequel to the 1984 movie The Last Starfighter. During a Twitch stream, Whitta revealed a sizzle reel, concept art, music, and the working title of the film.

The Last Starfighters (working title) has not been given the green light. However, Whitta--working alongside The Last Starfighter writer Jonathan R. Betuel--believes that's right around the corner. "We are, I believe, very very close--closer than anyone has ever been to making a new Last Starfighter fighter movie, like right on the one yard line," Whitta explained. "After pushing the boulder uphill for years we are very, very, very close. I can't really say anything more. Other than that, you know because it's there's all stuff happening behind the scenes now, like there's things I can't tell you but we are very, very close, I believe it will happen."

Whitta explained that this movie would be a sequel--not a reboot, revamp, or reimagining. Betuel and Whitta became friends and quickly realized when it came to the movie, they were both on the same page: "We wanted to do a sequel that kept the original in canon, and which, which continued the original storyline and honored the original."

Whitta then went on to play the sizzle reel, which features music from Chris Tilton (Rogue One) and Craig Safan (The Last Starfighter) and art from Matt Allsopp (Rogue One). The more than four-minute long video gives you some indication of the look and feel this team wants to create for the sequel, if they get the chance.

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