The Last of Us's Ellie Actor Would Love to Return for Sequel

The Last of Us's Ashley Johnson also commented on the video game movie adaptation and her online Dungeons & Dragons series Critical Role.


The Last of Us ended ambiguously for its two protagonists, Joel and Ellie, leaving many people wondering if a sequel would continue the story or create something entirely original. We got the opportunity to speak to Ellie voice actor Ashley Johnson, who told us she would love to return for a sequel.

"I feel like if they were to pursue it again, if they were to have another story for Ellie or Joel or that whole world, I would totally jump on board," Johnson said. "But you know there's also a part of me that thinks, 'Man, the story could stand alone,' and sometimes we should just leave it alone. If they were to make another one, though, I would love to be a part of it."

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Johnson also commented on The Last of Us movie, which has seen a troubled production. She said she'd love to see it come to fruition but isn't sure how its production is coming along or if it's even going to happen. When asked if she'd appear in it, she joked, "Yeah, I'd be a clicker."

As for how The Last of Us movie is progressing, Naughty Dog director Neil Druckmann said he's "been a writer on it" but it "hasn't moved anywhere in the past couple years." He added that the script is good, and there was even a table read, but it hasn't progressed past that.

We spoke to Johnson as part of an interview for Critical Role, an online Dungeons & Dragons show that features multiple video game voice actors and, at times, celebrity guests such as Vin Diesel. Resident Evil series actor and Critical Role host Matt Mercer also talked to us about the upcoming Resident Evil 7, which he says is "scaling back" on classic cameos.

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As long as she makes time to play Pike in Critical Role =)

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I guess she can't play Ellie in the movie because she's older then Ellie actually is? Wonder who they would get to play Ellie then?

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@Marky360: Ellen Page, duh!! ;)

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Ellen Page is even older than Ashley Johnson. Now if they could age her down to her Juno age she'd be perfect.

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she said it perfectly, it doesn't need a part 2. last of us was an amazing gaming experience with a good story and a very good ending. continuing the story of joel and ellie would be like ignoring everything the last of us has done storywise. storywise it can only be a disappointment. the 1st game set the bar too high. worse: a bad part 2 would also make the 1st game worse, because it would be associated with last of us as a whole (much like you would say dead space 1 and 2 are amazing, but you can't say "dead space" itself is amazing because of dead space 3).

i would really love it if the devs would just have the balls to make something new. they are definitely able to make good games as they've shown with uncharted, last of us and that jump'n'run with the fox.

alternatively if they would make a game in the last of us universe but with different protagonists (and maybe a different point in time) i could see myself liking it. maybe start out as survivor and at a certain point you are kinda forced to join the hunters/scavengers, but it never really sits right with you so you are eventually trying to get out. in a harsh world like that you have to have a goal, one that is motivating enough to risk everything, like Joel did. hmm, i don't really believe that there can be a good part 2, but maybe i'll be proven wrong.

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As much as I want a sequel with Ellie and/or Joel, I don't think they should. I don't want to see great characters get milked. The book should stay shut.

They should how-ever (like Fallout) hit another location with new characters. Show a different perspective, maybe even a different timeline. Perhaps a game that didn't jump 20 years into the future. Maybe a new game of when sh*t hit the fan.

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who says there would be no LOU2?? Its very obvious in order to keep the studio alive, sooner or later there will be a sequel. Who doesn't want to earn million dollars , keeping in mind that there product sells like hot cakes.

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@nomee_lover: Naughty Dog seems to sell everything like hot cackes. So if Druckmann will say 'no' to a sequel it will probably be a 'no'. We'll see...

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IT probably should take place in Space.

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That would be interesting I'd play that.

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@p1p3dream: lol

Of course! It's all the rage

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She'll be back lol

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Her work voicing Ellie was beyond amazing. I kind of like the idea of a whole new story, though. Everyone has their own opinions of what happened after LOU and I think that story should remain open to the interpretation of the players imagination.

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Noooooo! Don't use Joel and Ellie again.

Their ending was so ambiguous... Joel's lie, and the audience having to decide for themselves whether Ellie really believed him or not. It's a beautiful, unusual, challenging ending... and doing a sequel would RUIN the ambiguity and hence the whole point of their story!

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@tom_cat_01: In some ways I agree with you, but if they do a sequel I think just Ellie should be in it as a sort of tertiary character. Leaving Joel out would perhaps further the ambiguity of it and feel that the section of story being left out (hence Joel's further story) would still leave the audience at a sense of wonderment. Of course, 2 other characters should be the main protagonists.

My little 2cents to the story of a sequel has always been kind of funny; if you remember in Uncharted 3 at the beginning in the bar fight, there is a newspaper article describing a new fungus infection spreading hinting of course at the production of The Last of Us, but also made players think that these 2 games were set in the same not-too-distant universe. Although I believe the devs already made clear they weren't connected......but what if a TLoU sequel they actually were! Putting Nathan Drake in TLoU2 would be a pretty cool twist and could also give Naughty Dog the excuse to use him again.....and in a world that has been demolished by this plague, could always end in a story.

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@NbAlIvEr10000: technically uncharted is a game in the world of last of us, so it's unlikely. you can find the uncharted board game in the store where Ellie steals the Robot. of course it's just an easter egg and they could ignore it, but technically Nate and Joel live in different universes.

Then again, seeing how much last of us influenced uncharted 4 in almost every way (optional conversations, a lot more exposition, slower gameplay [no "run"-button? really??] even the main menu is exactly the same, and don't even get me started on the MP), with the release of uncharted 4 it kinda became a melted franchise, which i honestly did not expect or want at all, i always thought of uncharted and last of us being two different games.

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So I guess this means that there's no LOU 2 on the works......

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@Intocable: Not necessarily; they could either be in very early pre-production or that Naughty Dog just didn't want her involved (whether it being a return of Ellie or that they didn't want her personally-- although Ashley Johnson was the only actor that stood out in the game).

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A direct video link to the interview please????????

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@elkoldo: Sorry! It was an interview done over the phone. No video, unfortunately.

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@matpaget: Fine. Thanks all the same. Keep up the good work.

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@matpaget: You just don't want us to hear all the flirting you two did hahaha

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Awww, that's so sweet!

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Movies take forever to develop especially big ones like this. They need star attachment as well.

A table read is pointless. They need to attach a young upcoming director of some note, then they need to attach A-list talent, only then can the film move forward.

Movie development is not like gaming, completely different game.

Assassin's Creed happened quickly, because they had young cool director coming off of Cannes attached, then using him, they attached Michael Fassbender, and at that point the film already has too much traction to be stopped.

Sitting around saying I got a good script, is useless, they are going about it the wrong way. They need to be at Cannes scouting for young hip directors who can attract cheap discounted A-list talent.

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She did an awesome job in the first, but as DV says below, time for a new story I think.

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Sorry but I really don't wanna see Ellie & Joel again in The Last of Us 2. There story is complete and done, they did what they did and found a cool place to call home at the end of the first game. In the next game, I fully expect to see new city, new characters we never seen before, and find out about the rest of the world.

Edit: The Last of Us is my all time favorite ND game to date and I have play that game like 7 times already. Can't wait for the next game and see where this goes.

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@davillain-: i agree with you and i finished it 8x :) ps3: hard, hard+, survivor, survivor+, grounded, grounded+ ps4: grounded, grounded+ what an amazing game! i could definitely fall in love with some new characters in a different part of the world (Europe?) and maybe a different time, but yeah, please leave Joel and Ellie alone. They've been through enough ;)

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@davillain-: I wouldn't mind a cameo from Ellie and Joel.

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@Dragn_mastr: that would work maybe if you come across them during the events of the last of us. it would be a scene full of tension with everyone pulling their gun and then slowly everyone backs up and goes their separate ways. i don't know, if they show up it should have at least some impact on the story without making the last of us any worse.