The Last of Us Voice Actress Joins Telltale's Borderlands Series

Ashley Johnson to play a "very core character" in Episode 3, Telltale says.


Ashley Johnson, who provided the voice of Ellie in Naughty Dog's acclaimed post-apocalyptic game The Last of Us, has signed on to work on Telltale Games' Tales from the Borderlands series.

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Telltale's Laura Perusco revealed the news on Twitter earlier today. Another Telltale employee, communications lead Job Stauffer, shed some more light on Johnson's role in the series.

"Without giving anything away, just know that she plays a *very* core character," he wrote. "Episode 3 is bananas!"

Before her role as Ellie in The Last of Us, Johnson appeared in the TV show Growing Pains and the Mel Gibson movie What Women Want. Her other video game credits include various Ben 10 games and Infamous: First Light.

Johnson isn't the only celebrity featured in Tales from the Borderlands. Seinfeld and Family Guy actor Patrick Warburton and comedian Chris Hardwick also play major roles. In addition, video game voice acting veterans Nolan North, Troy Baker, and Laura Bailey have parts in the series.

The first two Tales from the Borderlands episodes, Zer0 Sum and Atlas Mugged, were released in November 2014 and March 2015, respectively. Telltale has not yet announced a release date for the third.

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Let me guess... Ellie?

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She's entitled to her opinion just as long as it doesn't leak into the games.

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Who cares? Just a person. Also Lens Flares!

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Every time I visit a game or movie site comment section all I can think is that it may be time to bring back the draft.

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The only voice actress I am familiar with is Laura Bailey. Every other popular voices are male.

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Just another mind-washed liberal tool.

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You need psychiatric help.

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Same woman whom b!tched about ''sexism'' in Assassin's Creed for the lack of females. ''Ohermagurd it's 2014 gib meh a fcking brek''. As If mentioning the number of the year will bring any argument to their side and she probably doesn't even play games (AC), If she did then she'd know that there are a number of strong female characters. 1 being playable If i remember correctly (AC 3 Liberation?).

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That has to be the hottest voice actress ever.

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Oh, that one voice actress who's angry about sexism.

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@CapnXtraObvious: I know how to protest sexism! By dressing like a skank!

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Why would I buy episodic games when I can buy complete games

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@40mdf0: Cuz you get it sooner (like tv box set vs. weekly episodes, e.g.) and there's more investment and attachment.

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@40mdf0: for the cinematic essperience!

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Wasn't she the one who didn't like Assassin's Creed Unity, just because you couldn't play as a woman?

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Is it another totally not Ellen Page character?