The Last Of Us Season 2 Is Still In Scripting Stage, So Don't Expect It Soon

Craig Mazin also confirms that the show "should be around for a while."


Fans waiting for the second season of The Last of Us might want to get comfortable. Writer-director Craig Mazin said at NAB Show Live in Las Vegas recently that Season 2 is still in the script stage, according to Deadline.

Mazin also confirmed that Season 2 will film in British Columbia, but apart from that, he didn't share much in the way of specifics. Mazin did, however, tease that there remains "quite a bit of story to tell" and went on say that The Last of Us will continue beyond Season 2 as expected.

"Our plan is to do it not just for one more season," he said. "We should be around for a while."

Neil Druckmann, who created the game series and works on the TV show as well, already plainly confirmed that Season 3 is in the works. It is believed that Season 2 will adapt the events of The Last of Us: Part II, but whether or not Season 2 covers the entire game or just some of it remains to be seen. Mazin and Druckmann have said the TV series won't go beyond the events of the game. Right now, there is no The Last of Us: Part III, so the story ends--at least at this point in time--with Part II.

In addition to The Last of Us Season 2, star Bella Ramsey (Ellie) will play a lead role in the movie Monstrous Beauty and has a major part in the upcoming second season of the BBC drama Time.

As for Pedro Pascal, who plays Joel, he is said to have "first position" status on the HBO series. That means HBO basically has first dibs on scheduling Pascal for filming.

Filming on The Last of Us Season 2 is expected to begin later in 2023, but the new season might not be released until 2025. For lots more, check out GameSpot's rundown of everything we know so far about The Last of Us Season 2.

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