The Last Of Us Remastered Now Loads Extremely Fast On PS4

The Last of Us Remastered now takes very little time to load.


One of the big selling points of Sony's PlayStation 5 has been the ultra-fast loading from the system's SSD, which means that games will load extremely fast. However, some new patches for old games have shown that incredibly fast load times are now possible in some PS4 titles, too--even without an SSD.

VGC has reported that several older Sony titles have received updates recently, likely to prepare them for backwards compatibility, and at least one of them seems to have drastically cut down its load times in the process.

In the video below from ElAnalistaDeBits, you can see a before-and-after comparison of The Last Of Us Remastered loading on PS4, before and after the patch. It shows that the initial 90-second load has now been cut down to just under 14 seconds. Reloading a save file can take over 2 minutes in the pre-patch version, but now loads seem to hover at around the same 14-second point.

Exact load times may vary between systems and HDDs/SDDs, but whatever your set-up, the game will load much faster now.

Sony's first-party output in 2020, including The Last of Us Part II and Ghost of Tsushima, has benefited from incredibly fast load times--it's possible that some new technology has been retroactively applied to Naughty Dog's first game in the Last of Us series now. The PS5 will offer improvements for some PS4 games through backwards compatibility--God of War will have a boosted framerate, for instance.

The PlayStation 5 launch begins on November 12, when it will release in many territories.

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