The Last Of Us Part 1 PC Port Glitch Includes Characters Being Wet For No Reason

This is the funniest glitch seen so far.


The PC version of The Last of Us Part 1 has been criticized for its litany of glitches, but one of the funniest ones seen so far is where the characters are dripping wet for no apparent reason in cutscenes.

As shown on Reddit, there's a cutscene involving Joel, Ellie, Marlene, and Tess early in the game. At the start, they're dry and having a conversation about smuggling weapons when all of a sudden they all appear soaked and dripping with water. In the Reddit thread, no one seems to know what's causing this glitch, but at least it's an entertaining one that doesn't adversely affect the game's performance.

Naughty Dog issued a statement regarding the performance issues. Players have been reporting that the PC port crashes frequently, has frame rate issues, and the graphic shaders aren't loading properly. Additionally, despite many of Sony's PC ports being verified to work well on Steam Deck, this one isn't just yet.

In GameSpot's The Last of Us Part I review, we said, "In some ways, the two parts of The Last of Us are now better aligned, making transitioning between them much smoother. However, in other ways, the years of progress in game design and development are all too apparent. But while some of the level design may not have aged all that well, the vivid cast of characters and remarkable story are more poignant than ever."

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