The Last of Us Movie Has "Pretty Big Changes," But Still Faithful To The Game

Neil Druckmann also confirms that he's written second draft and has already done a table read with some actors.

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The upcoming feature film based on Naughty Dog's post-apocalyptic action game The Last of Us won't follow the 2013 title's story exactly, but it will capture its overall tone, according to Neil Druckmann. He directed the game and is working with Sony to write the upcoming movie.

In an interview with Game Informer, Druckmann was asked how faithful the movie will be to the game. He replied: "Pretty faithful to the game. There are some big changes, but the tone and what the story's trying to say is pretty faithful to the game."

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As for how the script itself is shaping up, Druckmann said it's coming along "really well," noting that he's already finished a second draft. He went on to say that the production team has already done a table read with "a bunch of actors," though he didn't say if Maisie Williams was one of them.

The Game of Thrones actress is reportedly a frontrunner for the role of Ellie. It's unclear who will play Joel, or any of the other characters, in the forthcoming film. Additionally, no director has been announced, though Spider-Man veteran Sam Raimi is confirmed to be producing it.

In addition to writing the script for the Last of Us movie, Druckmann is co-directing upcoming PlayStation 4 game Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. Asked how he's splitting his time between both projects, his response suggested he hasn't been getting much sleep lately.

"When I'm in the office, it's all Uncharted 4 all the time," he said. "When I should be sleeping, it's the Uncharted movie." The interviewer then corrected him. "Yeah, sorry, The Last of Us movie."

An Uncharted movie is also in the works, but Druckmann made it clear that he's not writing that movie.

The Last of Us was released in June 2013 for PlayStation 3, while a Remastered version of the game later arrived for PS4. The game tells a post-apocalyptic story of a man (Joel) and a young women (Ellie) who are fighting to survive against humans and other deadly creatures.

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I will look forward to seeing The Last of Us on the Big Screen. I'm thinking either George Clooney or Sylvester Stallone play Joel.

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Playing TLOU kind of felt like a movie more than a game, so there is zero chance anyone could mess up with a movie adaption.

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I like that the film isn't an exact copy of the game. This means people watching the film who think 'Hey i'd like to try the game' will be pleasantly suprised. Also us people who has played the game may find a whole new experience in the movie. I personally am Jealous of the people who haven't played 'The last of us' and 'Left behind' because they get to enjoy it like I did.

All the film needs to do is capture the feeling expressed by Joel and Ellie, thier relationship, how tough Ellie is and how she is not aware of a non apocolyptic world. As long as those feelings are captured (still gives me goose bumps) the film will be great. They need to merge the last of us and left behind in one movie.

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Why don't they release The Last of Us, edited as a movie? That would be more than enough.

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They should make it only available to watch on a PlayStation so I cant see it or play the games.

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no, no, no ,no ,no

the game already has a solid plot so why not use that? or make it in two or three parts to tell the complete story it worked for the lord of the rings story arc wise

and why not make it a cgi movie instead? like these films or not but square enix has proven that it can be done with spirit within and advent children ... if naughty dog cant do it then get square talent involed or ask i dunno dreamworks or pixar... who would be better to repraise their roles?

Avatar image for jamieparsons

It's a movie already. Might as well just trim down the cutscenes, add a couple of minutes of bridging scenes and release it as an animated film.
The story is cliche as hell and will only turn into another of the endless zombie/post-apocalypse movies that keep on coming.

Avatar image for Sindroid

Make it a tv series.. More time to expand on things..

Avatar image for Earthen80

That's predictable, games and movies are two different media. They have 2 hours to tell a story, compared to the 8+ hours in the videogame. There have to be some liberties taken.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> if lord of the rings can take the books and make it into a three parter then last of us should go that root ....

Avatar image for hystavito

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> TLoU just isn't a big enough "brand" to pull that off. Remember that as big a deal as it was, most of the general public has no clue about it, and that's the audience for pretty much all game movies, not just gamers.

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Nobody thought we would get really incredible comic book movies but then Batman Begins happened and Marvel is on a role. I hope The Last of Us is our Batman Begins!

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game got put into movie and done right was... silent hill.... Resident Evil movies were jokes...

Avatar image for remiaw

<< LINK REMOVED >> imo resident evil 1 was awesome, the rest garbage
, but my opinion may be inivalid as I acually got some enjoyment from Doom

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The thing that pisses you off, is these shitty directors make these movie's based off of games, and don't even have the curtousy to deviate away from ruining the plot.

Instead of changing an award winning story and script, why not just follow the story of separate survivors.... Just going to be a heaping pile of shit if they just change the story of Joel and Ellie, just because "meh i can do w/e i want. I'm a big fancy director"

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I'm never much hopefull when it comes to porting games into movies... even more when its about a game i like a lot. But i'm glad Druckmann is working closely with the production team. That guy can make it turn out nice.

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You know it's gonna be great when they say it's "pretty faithful to the game." They never go wrong when they use qualifiers like "pretty".

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<< LINK REMOVED >> the only thing they will keep faithful to the games will be the audio, music, locations and names ... the story not so much

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oh god

its gonna suck bad isn't it!

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Screw the movie!

I want a new game from Naughty Dog with a similar tone or even a direct sequel if it has to be.

Movies is not the be all and end all of entertainment.

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Amazing game, but I'm not at all enthusiastic about the movie, especially if they are making big deviations from the game.

Avatar image for Flyin3lvl

<< LINK REMOVED >> the game has a solid plot its already done for them why make it over complicated when they could do a lord of the rings and arc it over two maybe three movies.....

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Maisie is ok in game of thrones but i really dont see her as Ellie

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'Big Changes'. The character of Joel will be scrapped. Ellie will become the sole main character. The setting will move to Hong Kong and the infected will be infected by a virus instead of fungus.

Avatar image for juliopalmacr1

<< LINK REMOVED >> AANNNNDD, lets say the virus was produced by a corporation named, I dont know, just making one up.... "Umbrella" hahaha

Avatar image for Utahraptor_


It cannot be called "Umbrella." We have to be more creative. The sinister biotech mega-corporation should be called TARP.

In our brand new movie, "Ellie" will be renamed "Nelly," and she mysteriously discovers that the fungal, err, viral, no, umm, bacterial infection enhances her mental and physical capabilities without making her ugly. Ellie also needs bigger boobies than that Eastern European actress.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> i bet thats what they do show how the virus started when the game didnt

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i dont want it to follow the game at all, in fact i dont even want Joel and Ellie to be in it. Why can't it be based off new characters but within the game universe, like maybe the fireflies or something or have it based of another family trying to survive in the broken world, or have it focused on the outbreak.

The game is by far one of the best story experiences and game ive played and the game is a movie in its own.

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Some truly atrocious Movies based on games:- Doom, Mortal Kombat (1+2), Double Dragons, FF: the spirits within, Street Fighter.

Only movies worth a damn were Silent Hill and Resident Evil... which funnily enough coincide with TLOU in terms of genre :)
Avatar image for NbAlIvEr10000

<< LINK REMOVED >> Wow, if you thought Resident Evil and Silent Hill were good movies.

Avatar image for punksterdaddy


Resident Evil is considered good? Silent Hill was average (my opinion) but every one of the Resident Evil movies are complete garbage.

There are no redeeming features from those films at all... They are just awful imo, but if you enjoy them then fair enough.

Avatar image for BlazeKingz

<< LINK REMOVED >> Mortal Kombat is a fucking great movie

Avatar image for Zombie8814


Has there ever been a good videogame movie made? I can't think of one.

Avatar image for Sindroid

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> I liked Silent Hill pretty much... Captured the twisted environment pretty good..

Avatar image for paradingwolves

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> The Mario Bros game was amazing....

Avatar image for punksterdaddy


Mortal Kombat is good... just not in the way that they intended. >_<

Avatar image for midnightrush93


But Final Fantasy Spirits Within didn't pertain to any FF games.

Though I'd still agree that it IS an horrible adaptation, but wasn't a bad movie

Avatar image for Ayato_Kamina_1

Oh, and Prince of Persia: Sand of Time. That was actually a good movie.

Avatar image for Gamer_4_Fun

Before everyone gets angry, it really makes sense as the Last of Us was incredibly cinematic already and and simply retelling everything of the game again would feel like I'm watching the same thing again. So as long as they keep the spirit of the Last of Us in check, I see no problem with this.

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I expect some tame PG-13 crap that have almost nothing do with the game...

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when I read this article i see: it will have nothing to do with the game and will just brush on some of the characters of said game. you could try to re-create the tone all you want, but look how that worked out for the DOOM movie.

recipe for insta-fail.

Avatar image for Ayato_Kamina_1

<< LINK REMOVED >> Unfair comparison. Doom, as revolutionary as it was, made no attempt to bridge the gap between game and movie. Trying to pad out a story with characters you care about from an FPS game is half the battle, where as TLOU has very well written characters just waiting for actors to fill their shoes.

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I really don't care about people hating on this movie base on game. As long as it good on it owns. It can change a little bit about story to fit in 2 hours. But just hope it will turn out a good movie. I am never complain about those things. I think differently about movie and game even they have same name, different story is still okay for me. Hope for more information about this.

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Oh look, another damn article about Last of Us...

I truly loathe this game because of it's fanbase being overly emotional... The game is not worth crying about, get lver it!

Avatar image for dani_i89

<< LINK REMOVED >> The game is a bit over-rated, though you shouldn't hate a game because of the people who love it. The game is solid, and a great piece of media entertainment all round.

Avatar image for daniel79

Would you like a tissue?

Avatar image for jk12324

"Why make a movie based on a movie? I certainly won't be watching it."

Not a well thought out comment unfortunately. I loved the game and definitely want to experience it again. I don't always have 15 hours to spare nor always the patience to actually play through it all another time. If there was a movie, I'd be able to experience it again (to a certain extent) in just 2 hours over a Sunday afternoon. That's why I will watch it, many times (as long as it's good).

Avatar image for Snapdragon1

This it's going to stick close to the game in Spirit $hit isn't going to cut it. If Neil decided to Not follow the game he'll regret it because what will he use to drawn fans of the game to the movie if the movies Not like the game ? Answers he won't and it will suck

Avatar image for Ayato_Kamina_1

<< LINK REMOVED >> Why not try and entice the crowd who never played the game then? TLOU had a good story and great characters... those are two of the most crucial elements needed in making a good movie. If you get those then surely a good movie isn't beyond reach, and a good movie will appeal to anyone if it's advertised correctly.

There are plenty of possibilities.