The Last of Us Mod for Resident Evil 4 Gives Joel and Ellie a New Adventure

Modders have brought various elements of The Last of Us into Resident Evil 4.


If you've ever wanted to see a crossover between The Last of Us and Resident Evil 4, you're in luck.

The Last of Us Mod, as it's simply called, was originally released earlier this summer. It replaces a number of things in the PC version of Resident Evil 4 with elements of The Last of Us--most notably, Joel and Ellie take the places of Leon and Ashley, complete with voices ripped straight from Naughty Dog's game.

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For various technical reasons, this mod isn't perfect--Ellie is larger than she should be and her eyes don't move (so as to avoid having them fall out of their sockets)--but it's an impressive effort nonetheless.

In addition to the characters and their voices, Resident Evil 4's loading screen has been replaced by The Last of Us', as has its shotgun, knife (now a pipe with scissors attached), and eggs (which are now bricks). The game also gets a new title screen, which you can check out in gallery of screenshots compiled by the creators below.

You can read more about the challenges faced by the mod's creators here, where you'll also find instructions on how to download and install it for yourself. If you're interested, you'd be wise to download the mod before Sony decides to take issue with it; while the character models have been created from scratch, the voicework has not, and that may not sit well with the company's lawyers.

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